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Who We Are

Kim and Karen were in the worship ministry together since February of 2000. We wrote songs together on and off during that whole time but most of our time was spent simply ministering in our church. Karen has since moved on to another church, while Joey, Kim's son, is now a co-writer, along with playing keys and vocals. Michelle Baker also joined us as a vocalist in 2014. We add other musicians and vocalists as needed for each worship opportunity that presents itself. Our local church is Crossroads Community Church of the Nazarene located in Obetz, Ohio. Kim, Joey and Michelle are active members of the Worship Team. We would love to be able to record our songs professionally someday, and the Lord willing, we will. Until then, however, we will continue to write and record anyway that we are able. All we really want to do is worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ..