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Hey there and welcome to my page 'o music. As I record these songs I wanted to touch on the sound quality.

First, I don't have Pro Tools, Garageband, Cakewalk, Soundforge or any of those other wonderful DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) programs. I have a free downloadable editing program called Audacity. It is, by any means, a great free program, but doesn't come with a lot of the higher quality "bells and whistles" those other programs come with. Audacity has a lot of the same features as the DAW's, but they can be a little time consuming and hard to work with. Quite Frankly, I don't really have that much free time on my hands, lol.

Secondly, I have pics of my studio ... it's pretty much a second hand computer, an old school (but still newly issued) drum machine, and Radio Shack cords and mics. Not to mention the speakers aren't of the highest quality either, lol. So when I'm getting a volume mix of the tracks, the guitars are blaring and then I turn those tracks down a bit, export the project as a WAV form, covert it to an mp3, load it up on here and then find out the guitars aren't loud enough ... and this is after I've played the song on a few different speakers.

Finally, I'm not a big EQ fan. I know how to EQ, and in any important recording work it is absolutely a necessity, but I've always been a big fan of the raw signal recording. There's just something cool and powerful about it that I find gets lost with EQ'ing. When I have more time I will eventually throw some EQ on the tracks because I know the guitars sound muddy and muffled compared to some of the other tracks.

So there you have it folks. This page isn't about the sound quality of my songs as much as it is just getting the completed ideas down for you all to hear. Not to mention the practice I'm getting being the composer, performer, lyricist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, engineer, producer and drum machine programmer to do all of this, lol.


Oh, I wanted to add quickly that you can click on the lyrics link beside the song name for some info and insights on the songs too.