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Performing at 500 Songs for Kids Tonite!

500 Songs for Kids tonight! New Territory will be performing "Tonight's the Night" at 7:50pm. If you have a few bucks, PLEASE consider sharing-their efforts are good. 500 SONGS FOR KIDS features over 1000 musicians performing 500 songs and will take place over four consecutive weekends in Atlanta. All proceeds benefit SONGS FOR KIDS FOUNDATION, which brings musicians year-round to children's hospitals and special needs kids camps. To learn more, please visit http://www.songsforkidsfoundation.org/newterritory/

500 Songs for Kids 2012

We're part this upcoming fundraiser that's important to us ... you might be interested in. It involves bringing music to ill children in Atl, 500 Songs for Kids. We've played at this event for about 5 years (500 bands, one song each, over 10 nights- no small thing:-) but this is the first year they're encouraging each band to be more active in their fundraising effort.

Here's our fundraising page link:


See you soon!