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Flying on the Ground

It's been a while, but Tango Kilo continues to spread wings and create sonic striations on an otherwise bleak landscape. As mountains fold and orbs fall from the heavens, Tango Kilo glides on in this ever earthbound flight, taking turns sparingly and only when necessary. One of these turns landed them on top of the Roxy theatre in Hollywood. Hollywood - a city famed for its decadence and license to do whatever it pleases under the guise of 'art' and creativity. Hollywood - a washed up city living on the fame of deeds done long ago. Hollywood - a place for hookers to stand and ass holes to land. WELL... This 'Hollywood' was raised from its ashes by the furious tones emanating from atop the Roxy on a bitter January night. The sound: ferocious and mean. The spectrum: all encompassing. The name: Tango Kilo. For a brief moment, in this ever continuing monster that we call Time, one pinpoint on a G.P.S.; one arrow on a google map was allowed to stand timeless: Like Aeneas leading his people to new lands, Tango Kilo led listeners to new heights of sonic satisfaction.

Tango Kilo Live

Honing a craft has never been more entertaining. A small crowd witnessed this in action at The Doll Hut on a cool, Anaheim night in late January. A sonic telegram was written; rewritten; revised; and re-revised until the sound became pure: four voices - one sound. Those who embraced the final hours of the night got the message in decibels and were rewarded with passion.

Tango Kilo Live

Lake Alice Trading Co. was yet another witness to the surge of nature that is Tango Kilo. Just as the passengers of this world buckled up for another lifeless Wednesday night, full of cold stares and dead end tables, their plane was hijacked. Tango Kilo became an electrical force, steering their plane far from the reach of mortal sight and into the hyper regions of the soul: no drugs or alcohol necessary - Tango Kilo is a trip in themselves.

Tango Kilo Live

Tango Kilo painted the Lotus Lounge with its vigorous blend of rock and roll. After what seemed a less than dismal sound check, Tango Kilo took the stage with renewed vigor, stopping only to call out the next song. Jordan and Lacey paved the stage with the pulsating stones that seemed to initiate, reverberate and inspire the guitars of both Mancha and Kauffman.

New Album "Tate Square"

We have just released our new album"Tate Square" which is our second release under 9 Lives Records. For everyone who is familiar our first release "Rain in Blue" and enjoyed it I can honestly say that you will love Tate Square. For those who are not familiar with either album I think it is time to get familiar!