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Hello All

I am so happy to meet all of you, my new fans, and to become your fans. I am impressed at the diversity of musical thought in the ReverbNation universe. So much creativity...and all without gov. subsidies! I'm impressed!! Carry on, good people!

New Beginnings

This is my first blog entry. I figured that I ought to make use of all the resources available to me if I am going to make a serious attempt to escape the J.O.B.

I have recently launched an internet radio station: K1776.fm. Just enter K1776.fm in your browser's address bar, then press Enter. The music will begin playing automatically. If you have original music you would like played on the station, or want to host your own show, or want to advertise on the station, please contact me. K1776.fm exists to promote independent artists and their work.

Thanks for reading.