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Writers Block

Been dealing with writers block recently but for some reason today when listensing to some instro's it just hit me, I knocked out two news songs yet to be recorded, concepts and hook ideas for another 8 songs. Might call this next mixtape Scatterbrain cuz of all the different song ideas and concepts.

You Choose My Next Mixtape Instro's

So I'm gonna do something I don't think has been done before. I'm done with my second mixtape (recording currently) and I'm about to start my third. I'm gonna let everyone else choose instrumentals you like for it. I will choose the 16 instro's I like best and make my third mixtape with those instro's that you helped choose. I figure this will test my writing ability and challenge me to try new styles and flow patterns. So hit me with your favorite instros and lets make history together.

Next ones done.

It's official the next album is done, just need to record it. Look for it end of april early may.

In The Lab

Spent another couple hours in the lab. Mostly mastering vocals and fine tuning the mixdown. I did get a new track recorded. April release on schedule