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Chippin' away

Hi folks! We have been busy working on a couple new sets with our new bassist, Rodney Butzin. Rodney has been around for a while, and has played with local folks on and off through the years. With Guy Chapel on drums, Ron and I and Rodney expect to be seen and heard far and wide beginning this spring!

Devon Allman at Centerstage in Kokomo, IN

On Friday March 1, 2013, LongShadow Promotions welcomed the Devon Allman Band to Kokomo Indiana's Centerstage Bar and Grill. Who knew that Kokomo could play host to such a group of world class musicians? We knew, and LongShadow (the band) and The Local Roosevelts played their ever lovin' hearts out to let the world know that Kokomo is not a one horseless carriage town. The Devon Allman Band is chock full of good people, and we were honored to be allowed to promote and perform at the show. A Shout out to Devon, Pedro and Bobby and Anthony. That is all for now.

New rhythm section, new recording.

Hi folks! I'm here today to update you on our new rhythm section, and some details about our recent recording. We have re-united with our drummer from The Quantum Mechanics, Guy Chapel. Guy played with Home Avenue for many years. Our bass guitarist, Eric Andrews is a transplant from Florida, and has been with us since late last year. Both Guy and Eric do a fine job for us. Our new recording, an EP entitiled Mojo the Cat, is the four piece pumping out four tunes. The EP is to be used for a demo, so we included three originals and our favorite School of Fish tune, Three Strange Days, with permission from Universal Music and the composers. We will have these tunes up on itunes soon.

Special announcement

An Evening with Devon Allman Friday March 1, 2013 CenterStage Bar and Grill 1833 South Plate Street Kokomo with LongShadow and Local Roosevelts


Tomorrow (Saturday 8/11/2012), We will be performing at the NOAM showcase at Lazy Daze Coffee house in Indianapolis beginning at 8 pm. This is a mainly acoustic show, and will include Homebrew Holler and Chillbilly. Ron and I will bring our acoustics with little amps and a drum set for Shawn Connollly to play. Ken Meadows from Chillbilly will be moonlighting as our bassist for the show. This is an all ages show, so bring the young 'uns out and get 'em coffeed and pastried up!

Playrs' Pub July 30, 2012

The Players' Pub Show was as lot of fun last night. The audience ws treated to several songs played with 5 guitars and 5 voices at once. Chris Little led off the procedings, with Terry Turley on second, accompanied mainly by Tom Marsalek and Ken Meadows. This trio sometimes plays out or records as Tarpaper-Turley, so when it was Tom Marsalek's turn, he was joined by Ken Meadows and Terry Turley. Next, it was LongShadow's turn, And Ron chose a song that he and Ken have played with me a thousand times, so when my turn came, I picked Paper Airplane, and not only did Ron and Ken Meadows join in on bass, vocals and guitar, but every chorus was fattened up by the vocals of the other players and various members of the audience. This went on from 7:45 til 10:25. Ron and I played My Spirit's Door, Telephone Song, Ventura, Mainline Highway, Walk with me, Treesong, and Out of the Fold before the night was over. It sure would be nice if this lineup could be a semi-regular feature at Players' Pub, but we do have an open invitation ato play at Chris Littles Sunday night Music Club, and we are there every chance we get.

Heading into Summer

We have a few things to add to the list for the summer months...We are excited about the right to play music festival coming up on the 19th of May. Foster park Amphitheater is nice place where Kokomo, IN puts on free shows every summer. On June 2, We will be appearing with Kevin Drake and Evil woodchuck for The Original Americana concert series. The series of shows (14 so far) continues through the summer and has a goal of creating a greater interest in the Original Americana style.. We have a second show with the Original Americana series on June 20th at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. We will be joined by our friend Ken Meadows on bass for this show. Ken was the bassist for the McKibben Brothers Band, when we played in Bloomington back in 97-99. We are working on a possible show with the punk reunion in Kokomo at the Cosmic Music Hall around the 6th of July. Ron played with some of these folks when he was in high school..We may play a few more of our louder songs than usual for our regular 45 minute sets for this usually well attended regular yearly reunion show. Ron and Dave will be at the Songwriters' Showcase series at the Players Pub in Bloomington, In on Monday, July 30 for a round robin Songwriter performance. Thank you for reading the Blog. Good bye and God bless us everyone.

LongShadow lives again!

LongShadow was named by fans at their first public performance because they took the stage just before sunset late one May afternoon. The McKibben Brothers and Shawn Connolly have once again joined forces, but have promoted Tony McKibben to full time bass guitarist. Ron and David McKibben began their storied career with Fred Crowder in the band Fingers and Sunshine in the late 80s/early 90s. Fingers and Sunshine rose from being primarily and importantly "the three guys who play in front of the 'bird'" to players in the central and southern Indiana music scene, garnering high profile airplay on WTTS for a few years in the early 90s with the songs Road Song ,Ventura, and The Thorazine Shuffle. The McKibben brothers continuned the run of radio acceptance in their next incarnation in a band called Folkus, with the song Lookin for a Way. Eventually Ron and Dave started the McKibben Brothers Band, then LongShadow, Quantum Mechanics, and finally LongShadow again. Give us a listen, and stay tuned for more!