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Bands (and some people) we've played with

Tantric, Primer 55, Psychostick, Adrenaline Mob, Admiral of Black, My My Misfire, Our Judgement, Cwn Annwn, Kids of Comets, spacemanIam, Bloodgeon, Disputation, Lockgnar, Aloversfate, 3 Pill Morning, Left Wing Bourbon, Gun it to 88, Incriminating Silence, Brianna Kay, Meghan Ausing, DJ Harm, Brian Manor, The Trim, McAmazing, The Wonder Waffles, The Band You are About to Hear, Break in the Storm, The Last Semester, A Day of Plague, Aphamy, Excuse Me Princess, Arise The Dawn, Badger Quest, Turpentine Brigade, Small Town Story, Resist The Armistice, Crescendo, Crescent Moon, Silencing The Desperate, Underground Till Sundown, Arts & Crafts, Raptor Club, Science Brigade, Silver Squirrel, BETA, Innerburst, Shockwire, Forbidden Airspace, Super Mega Plus!, 3LK!, Destination 3, TSA, Freedom, Village Idiot, Sleeping in the Stereo, The Flow Banditz and the Organix, Fforte Adore, The Scallions, Little Saint Anything, Scotty and the Snow Machines, The Stumes, Back 40, Stereocolor, Moon Jelly, Committing Arson, Orpheus, Commercial Break, Last Page, Callback California, The Unconventional Forces, Mr. Curly and the Waves, Outta the Blue, Now or Never, Northern Lights Slideshow, The Populist Revolt, The Burbs, Some Assembly Required, No Parachutes, The Tokeo Bushmen, Coalmine Canary, QuinnElizabeth, Smokin' Pony, A Semester at Sea, and Survive the Drive