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Peeps and Poops

Ahoy there my lovelies, I do hope that you are all well and dandy. I've just returned from a lovely weekend on a houseboat in Amsterdam. I still feel as though I'm gently swaying slightly, presumably this will pass soon enough? The trip was meant to be just a vacation but of course I managed to belt out a few tunes whilst I was there! I stumbled across a wonderful piano bar where an American lass called Jen Porter (www.jenporter.com) was playing beautifully, her repertoire was right up my street. I asked if I could do a couple of numbers to which she agreed and after the barman brought over some peanuts so I can now say I've literally been paid in peanuts! 

My backing singer Embob turned 30 last week so we celebrated with 12 friends on a weekend away in a cottage near Hastings. We had a jolly old time, a highlight being a dear friend of ours electrocuting herself and falling into a 9ft deep fish pond. Sadly no video cameras were present! 

I've been back in the studio to record a piano version of You Lose for the single, it's a completely different version and I'm really excited about it, can't wait for you all to hear it. I can reveal that the track listing for the single will be  1. You lose (album version) 2.You lose (Maraskandi remix) 3.You lose (piano version)

I had a photo shoot last week for the single cover, I'll be handing the shots over to graphic designer Oliver Kemp  to create the artwork, the concept came to me whilst drinking some rum and thinking some thoughts and I can't wait to see what Oliver will come up with. 

I'm very excited to be playing my first show in Germany this month, I head out to Berlin on 20th May and will be playing at Malena Bar on the 21st. I'll be staying with my dear friend and fantastically talented musician Katarina Holmberg so it's gonna be a great trip away. Any fans out that way, do drop by for a song a drink and some bratwurst!

I'm currently booking shows for the UK tour in September. I'm excited to reveal that we'll be travelling with the amazing Alan Bonner (myspace.com/alanbonnermusic) not only is he an fantastic musician and I'll get to hear him sing every night, he also drinks as much as I do so there'll be lots of debauchery on the road I'm sure! Alan and I are also planning a tour of Ireland for July/Aug so will look forward to seeing our clover-leafed friends when we hit the emerald isle!

Annoyingly, I'm still carrying around all my 'American tour' weight and adding to it by the day, I feel the only way to get me back into the zone of health and fitness is a bit of public humiliation so I'm planning on weighing myself and letting you all know how ridiculously over weight I am, get back into the gym and eat better then update you each week, hopefully the pounds will shed. With a bit of feedback from you guys (calling me a fatty will give me a kick up the arse just as much as a 'you can do it' will give encouragement!) I reckon I can get back down to my pre-America body (which wasn't that great to start with but certainly better that it is now!!) however, I am a musician first and a fat bastard second so I will throw in some free CDs, downloads and videos along the way to encourage you to encourage me!!

Lastly, I'm totally excited about Brighton Fringe, we're playing next friday at The Brunswick, it's gonna be a great show, if you've not yet got your tickets be sure to get them from 


We have special guests Tigger and Justin Saltmeris plus support from the wonderful Carly Bryant, plus the (possibly heroin laced) cupcakes will be there for you all to enjoy.

Much love to each and all

See you soon

P Xxx

Yankee Doodle Diello

Well, I'm back from my 5 week promo tour of the states, it's been an amazing journey and I've met some really great people along the way. I've gained about 4000 pounds and none of my outfits fit me anymore so I now to exist on a diet of air and cress in order to slim down in time for the video shoot for my next single 'You Lose'. I feel a bit lost without Darling Waste, the fantastic band I've been touring with, I've not been without them for longer than a shit or shower in the whole 5 weeks I was away so it will be weird adjusting to life without them. Still, there's lots to be looking forward to this year, I'm taking the Green Bottle tour to Italy in August and we'll be hitting the road in the UK again in September. My new single You Lose will be released soon with some amazing remixes on it. We'll be playing the Brunswick for the third year in a row on May 18th for the Brighton Fringe Festival plus we'll be performing at the Hampton Court Palace, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh and London Foodie festivals across the summer. As well as all the gigging, I will be in the studio with the wonderful Pepps putting the finishing touches on my 2nd album which will be ready for release later this year, I can't wait for you all to hear my new direction. Right my lovelies, I shall sign off for now but I look forward to seeing you on the road soon. Much Love P xxx