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Hurricane Sandy

Hey Fans! C.O.S. was hit by the hurricane and we have been without power for a few days. We will be back with new info soon! keep an eye out this week for more info Thanks everyone!

Holiday EP Update

Hey Everyone - the C.O.S. Holiday EP "December Wind" releases Thursday, November, 2012. Includes the new Holiday ditty "December Wind" and a new track from the upcoming full length disc "Harlequin" which releases worldwide January 22, 2013. Part of the sales from "December Wind" is being donated to charity!!

C.O.S Holiday EP Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone! C.O.S. has been working hard in the studio - two projects are coming soon! The new full length CD "Harlequin" is scheduled to drop worldwide on January 22, 2013. But just in time for the Holiday Season C.O.S. is releasing a Holiday EP titled "December Wind" which includeds an all new, all original Holiday track, destined to become a Metal classic, and a new track from the upcoming Harlequin CD. The EP will also include tracks from other C.O.S. releases. Check it out - Metal has Returned!!!

C.O.S. Goes Latin!

Hey Everyone! Corners of Sanctuary is now available throughout Mexico, Central and South America thru La Mazakuata Records! join the world as they C.O.S. & Roll! Metal has returned!\m/

C.O.S. Interview September 1, 2012 7pm EST

Hey Everyone - Check out the upcoming C.O.S. Interview Saturday, september 1, 2012 7pm EST with Bill from Keep It Metal only on Rock Addict Radio! time to C.O.S. & Roll - Metal has Returned!! \m/

C.O.S. in the Studio!

Hey Everyone1 Corners of Sanctuary is currently in the studio working on their follow up to "Breakout". the new disc is titled "Harlequin". Stay tuned. ...and listen for C.O.S. on some upcoming radio interviews! Metal has Returned!\m/

C.O.S. on Planet Indie Today!

Hey Everyone - Check out Planet Indie on MuseBoat Radio today at 5pm EST to hear the latest tracks from Corners of Sanctuary! Metal has Returned! \m/

"Wild Card" Video Now Live

Hey Everyone - check out the new video for the C.O.S. single "Wild Card" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppekOsvkV1g Metal has Returned!! \m/

Metal Article by Mick Michaels

Hey Everyone - check out the new article "The Good, the Bad, and the Metal penned by C.O.S. member Mick Michaels : http://www.theneverendingstage.com/reviews/album-reviews/412-the-good-the-bad-and-the-metal-by-mick-michaels-and-theneverendingstage-series-1-of-7-metal-review

Corners of Sanctuary on Aiiradio.net!

Hey Everyone! Tune in Friday, July 13, 2012 at 7pm and chat live with the members of C.O.S. on the DJ Angel *S* Show only on Aiiradio.net. Get the new disc "Breakout" now available worldwide! Metal has Returned! \m/