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"The Jim Crow Jackson Experiment" available for download

"The Jim Crow Jackson Experiment" can now be purchased for download at all digital retailers.

Purchase your copy at Itunes, Rhapsody or other online retailers.

The album is also being distributed internationally by Grindin out of Australia. You can check out their catalog at www.myspace.com/grindinmusic

Look for Jim Crow Jackson music on Grindin Vol. 1 mixed by Mr. Thing

"The Jim Crow Jackson Experiment" has been released

“The Jim Crow Jackson Experiment is a refreshing reprieve from the repetitive, commercial music scene. They are continuing to build the bridge between spoken word and hip-hop music, telling stories of life's struggles while giving messages of self-determination and love in all forms." --- www.allhiphop.com "Jim Crow reps that new sound of hip hop coming out of NC …somethin' lovely! Boom bap, picket signs, marches, and wordplay filled with struggle and optimism. From the college dorm to grandma's porch, Jim Crow rolls deep with history without sounding like a throwback or text book rappers." --- DJ Ohso Kool - WHCR, 90.3 FM (NYC) These are some of the thoughts on the new album from spoken word artist Dasan Ahanu and music producer Picasso, The Jim Crow Jackson Experiment. Presented by Amp Truth Records (www.amptruth.com), the album is a mix of spoken word, rap, reggae, soul, and blues. Carefully crafted to blend social commentary with wit and swagger over a classic boom bap background, the album offers the worlds of spoken word and rap something fresh and innovative. The first single, “It’s So Good” featuring L.E.G.A.C.Y. of the Justus League, proves to be an impressive forecast of brilliance to come. The album is now available for purchase at www.hiphopsite.com. Grab your copy before it hits the stores! Check the Spitkicker.com interview with Dasan Ahanu at their myspace page, www.myspace.com/spitkicker. See the Jim Crow Jackson Experiment Feature at OkayPlayer, www.okayplayer.com. You can sample music from the album at www.myspace.com/jimcrowjackson.