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2/11 IN PROGRESS nears the Finish line on CD

O.K. you said it. we are slowly getting it done. Rome wasn't built in a day. we are sooo close. Still. Mastering, Cover Art, BMI or ASCAP, Copyrights, Distribution Coding, iTunes or CD Baby. Many things to consider. And that's the easy stuff. So You Want To be In A Rock and Roll Band ? WE Do ! " You Got Me " JULY !

2/11 `s Years End

Years end and we have come a long way. we started on Feb 11 1012 at the Rose and Crown rocking out for a great cause !! the followed up with a string of shows that brought in Stet Howland of W.A,S.P. fame to the now gone Bamboo. Two nights of the loudest hard rock this rock as seen in some time !! Then on to writing and going to record with David Minehan at Woolly Mammoth Sound Waltham Ma. We at this point have released 4 tracks off the disc in one form or another, we are sharing in the process showing earlier versions till they are mastered and fully complete. We have so much more planned for you this next year. including another hard rock show collaboration !! teaming up agian with bands that never had an chance to hit Nantucket during their careers!! so here`s to another year !! see you on the other side , Love and happiness!! 2/11

Record Session one is complete

So you think you can tell. Heaven from Hell ? Blue skis and 2/11 rockin out in Waltham Mass. YA!! We have some basic tracks in the can. and we are so ready to get back in there with Producer David Minehan !! @ Woolly Mammoth Sound !! it is very apparent that his expertise in the industry has made us sound as good as can be. We are all very impressed with the quality of the product !! Andy Ianniello has things moving along at a fast pace on the Skins. So I know your ready to hear this disc. So are we for that matter. We are scheduled again in mid December for a long Studio Session ! it`s a long wait, but we feel it`s worth it !! Till Next Time./ 2/11 !

2/11 heads in to record

Well it`s been a year and we are all looking to finally lay these tracks down. we are lucky enough to have great friends to help us get in to one of the top studios in Boston WOOLEY MAMMOTH with Dave Minehan of the Neighborhoods Band of Boston Mass. doing the proceedings!! this will be a total kick for myself and Matt as we are both huge Hoods Fans !! 13 tracks done right lets hope for a good rockin album out of this !! see you soon !!