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New Tune on the way!

I just wrote a new tune named: "Dreams Come True", with the acoustic tracks complete, soon to be released...The tune is in dedication to BB Chung King, AKA Alan Mirikitina, who helped me mix our last tune, "Rain and Sunshine".After the mix was completed, I shared a poem I wrote with Alan, named "The Wanting", a bit ironic to his last album named, "Wish I Had Everything I Want". RIP-Alan.

The new recording of "Columbidae" on the way!

Jon just finished recording the new tracks..... "Brian Martini" of "Philadelphia", and "The Hindenburg Project", to lay down the drum tracks for us! The mix is on the way... stay tuned!

Rain & Sunshine

New tune posted..."Rain & Sunshine". Special thanks go out to Jon Allor for a wonderful composition and awesome playing. Special thanks to Alan Mirikitani, and Alvin Taylor!!! Also a special thanks to Nick & Bootsy at KKID Radio...hosting "The Basement Tapes". Aired on show #214.

RIP: Alan Mirikitani, AKA BB Chung King


Had to share my friend Pat working on some demos back in the 80's. There never seems to be enough time and money, to do the things you want to do once you find them, I 've looked around and often know, wait, wait...I got off track, but I wanted to share Pat's gift of a voice. Wake up Elvis fans! Free


New tune in the works, coming soon!! Randy and Jon jamming on this one. Nice work on the lead Jon !!

Four New Tunes Posted Today

We just posted 4 new tunes, some Jazz, Fusion and Easy Listening. I hope you enjoy the tunes! please feel free to drop us a note, and thank you, Randy

New Tunes!

We have them, it is just a matter of getting the time to get them out here! Thanks for all the support!!! Free


Reasons was orginally recorded in 2009 on an acoustic and strat by me. This year we re-recorded two versions, one is a major scale with a heavy electric strat, and the other is me and Jon playing acoustics. We were goign to choose but ended up keeping them all 3. I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to choose your favorite.


I was influenced by so many artists from the 70's. My music is very versatile. If you don't like the one your checking out, try another. Thank you for visiting!

Newest Melody "Skies Rim"

Skies Rim special thanks go out to...Nick and Bootsy at KKID Live Radio "The Basement Tapes". Thank you Ben Schultz for the comment, and advise on the B3 growl.... Ben played with "King James Version" that later became Lynyrd Skynyrd.