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Brand new track!

Take a listen to my brand new track, which has a bit of an old-school feel to it, enjoy!

Greetings from Kalter Trost

Hello and greetz to all! We are an Electronic band from Tucson, Arizona. We have been active as Kalter Trost for over 2 years now, the name is German for Cold comfort. We have elements of Synth-pop, E.B.M. Electro, Industrial, and a nod to Power-Noise, Gothic, Medieval, and experimental music! We are entirely electronic based with many various synths, samplers, drum machines, effects, and programs being used. We are unsigned at the moment, and are looking to self-release our debt cd before the year is out! We had songs almost ready for release, but decided to re-record every thing all over again, to get the best possible sound we can achieve. We are currently working on that in our own Voodoo Manor studio, using Cubase and Logic Express. Charles (Chuck) Den-Baars has been in the Tucson music scene going back to the mid 1970's as a drummer. And a long succession of various electronic projects dating from 1981 to the present! One of Tucson's first musicians to make all-electronic original music. Aaron Hess does the lead vocals, lyrics, and recording, plus mixing and effects, plus computer and web stuff. We are influenced by bands such as: Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Covenant, Front Line Assembly, Wumpscut, John Foxx, Rotersand, SITD, Accessory, And One, Nitzer Ebb, Ultravox, De/vision, E-craft, Evil's Toy, Solitary Experiments and many others... The song up now, "Deplore" is actually an old track from over 3 years ago, and has Chuck on vocals, not Aaron... this is because no complete songs with his vocals are done yet to post, so this is a little sample of how we sound to tide you over, and is free for all to download!