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"Mental Divergence" song info

This blog is to supply information and credits for Darren Lee Richardson's work with Dissident Souls and more specifically on the song "Mental Divergence".

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Ron Castia, founder of Dissident Souls, and Darren Lee Richardson met through Reverb Nation, a popular independent

music website in November of 2012. After meeting and getting together to jam, they decided to collaborate on a song

that Ron already had most of the music for. Darren wrote the lyrics and together they finished the composition and

arrangement of Mental Divergence. Ron is building up his band, Dissident Souls, and we'll be playing out more and

more as 2014 progresses. Darren is also featured as singer on the Dissident Souls demo CD due out in early 2014.

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Darren Lee Richardson: http://www.reverbnation.com/darrenleerockmusic

Songs: Mental Divergence ©2013 by Ron Castia and Darren Lee Richardson

Original music: Ron Castia Lyrics: Darren Lee Richardson Composition and Arrangement: Ron Castia and Darren Lee Richardson

Vocals: Darren Lee Richardson Awesome Lead Guitar: Ron Castia Intro Lead Guitar: Darren Lee Richardson First Guitar: Ron Castia Second Guitar: Darren Lee Richardson Bass: Ron Castia Percussion: produced by Darren Lee Richardson

Produced by: Mozo Studios, Dublin, CA Producer: Darren Lee Richardson Sound Engineer: Darren Lee Richardson