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More Recordings

Hello, everyone, we've been posting some new recordings recently, and we are still recording more and will be posting them up soon enough! Stay tuned and listen!


SEX, MONEY, AND THE BEATLES! Okay, now that we have your attention, YOU can make a huge difference by making a donation towards our debut album! For just $5 you get a little something back from the band. PLEASE make a donation and help us out if you can.


Easter Break II

Hello, everyone! We hope Easter went well for those who celebrate it.

The band met up in Boston over Easter Break, and we did some serious work. We'll be posting some short demo videos, a new indiegogo campaign video, and a medley of a few covers in about a week.

We also created a Youtube account! Right now it is relatively empty, but pretty soon we will have some good stuff uploaded.

Peace! AD

Easter Break

Sooooo, just keeping people updated. The band is meeting up in Boston this Easter break to work on some songs (old and new). We will definitely be posting some pics, videos, and audio clips of some of the new tunes. Stay lovely, folks.


Working Hard on Some Stuff--Demos to Come

Hello, beautiful people. We have some good stuff in the works--we are each working on new songs and rewriting the demos that we've uploaded as well. We should throw up some demos soonish, maybe over Easter Break (we are all meeting in Boston to jam).

The fundraising is going a little slowly, but that's alright. If you have the time/will/money then head on over to http://www.indiegogo.com/AtlasDown and check it out.

Love you guys,


Funding to Record

So we are in desperate need of some cash so that we can record this summer. The total for recording will be $10,000 for two days in the studio, during which time we will try to record 21 originals. If you feel that you can contribute, then PLEASE follow this link:


Thank you, very much! AD

How The Meeting Went

First, thanks for everyone liking the page this week, it means a lot.

So here's how the meeting went down.

Because we decided that we're all going to finish college, Louis (the manager) said he would not take us on until then, assuming we're still interested. It's great that he wants to manage us, but we would've liked him to find us some shows this summer. It's understandable though. We'll just be in town for a couple of months, so while it would be great for us, it's not worth his time to spend a lot of energy on a band that will be gone in 3 months.

After that he gave a lot of advice on getting shows, marketing ourselves, and understanding how the music industry works. Basically, he wants us to promote ourselves as much as we can so that it will be easier for us to hit the ground running when we graduate. People don't like to hire bands that no one's heard of, so in the next two summers we have got to get to a point where either music venues in Texas know who we are or they see that we have a fan base that's going to follow us wherever we go.

Louis also told us to keep on writing songs and that he'll check up on us occasionally, to see how the music is coming along.

Overall it was a good meeting. Things are going to be slow until the summer. When we get there we'll be posting a lot of content e.g. videos, photos, song demos.

Keep in Touch --AD

Meeting with a Manager!

This Friday Connor is going to meet with a guy who's a seriously legit manager. He takes acts to the national level and has gotten them huge contracts.

He said he's very interested in us.

We're not ready to hit the "national scene" quite yet, considering we're still in college, but if this means shows, experience, $$$$ and hos (maybe not the last one) then we're excited about what this meeting might bring.

Keep y'all posted