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Phantom of the Opera House

Last night one fourth of My Evil Twin performed on stage at the Dickens open mic, hosted each Thursday by Brian Rezac. That big airy room is an acoustic marvel, and even if you suck you sound like a million dollars up there. With the breeze blowing up the rampway from the street, the taste of IPA on the tongue, and songs to fill the air, the Dickens proves once again to be one of the pleasantest places in Longmont to hang out. Friendly, attentive staff, and Brian's magnanimous emceeing ices the cake. Among last night's highlights: Ellen Peterson, a singer with an amazing voice of crystal clarity and bell-tones, and Country Joe playing a plaintive "I Know you Rider". My Evil Twin's set: The Right One (Kaufman/D'Crago) Back Door Man (Dixon) Hard Rain (Dylan) Buffalo Rebirth (Kaufman) My Best Friend (Spence)

singer with distinctive red coloration

Thinking about the events of the past year...there are no guarantees, no way to resist time as it eats away everything once held dear. Fortune changes in an instant. Two things have remained constant for me, have helped anchor me: study and play. The former keeps the mind focused, the latter lets it all go. As My Evil Twin approaches its first show since the passing of Ms. D'Crago-Kaufman, I can't help but succumb to a surge of uncontainable energy, and I know Hurricane Lane is in the house.

singer with distinctive black v-neck

One thing I miss about being employed at Kable in Louisville is the daily walk between the bus stop at Pine and Via Appia and the facility at 333 Centennial Parkway. Twice a day, each day, through sun, wind, snow, and rain I walked down Via Appia and Centennial past several undeveloped open spaces inhabited by many forms of wildlife, including a wide assortment of birds. Magpies hung out in posses, scavenging for snacks, building nests, or buffeting on the breezes off the mesa like black, white, and blue paper kites. Hawks and vultures rode the thermals, and kestrels lurked on lamp-posts like tiny gargoyles. But by far the coolest member of the avian family living along my route were the western meadowlarks, whose song on early, cold spring mornings could be heard for hundreds of yards, piercing even the din of traffic with its clarity and tone. The songs of meadowlarks share certain characteristics: they all consist of a more or less repeated arpeggio of five to nine notes, and each one is unique. Each bird comes up with its own pattern, and belts it out with a tone that could shatter glass. They are an inspiration to any aspiring vocalist.

Have you ever been...

to the Dickens Opera House in Longmont, Colorado? This venerable Victorian structure offers superb acoustics, comfortable chairs and booths, a full bar, and full menu from the grill downstairs. The band performed there in February of 2010 with the late Lane D'Crago, who passed away tragically a few months later after a long struggle with alcoholism. We are excited to return and offer music again to the gods and other creatures for the sake of the dead and the living. It is a great room to play in, and one specially designed for musical appreciation. Turn on the amps, tune up the joy-wood, and drop out through the space-time continuum to the great hall mirth and wistfulness.