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Time Bomb

Sometimes you just can't get a tune out of your head! I was going through old LP's the other day and ran across an old Crusaders LP then got out the record player (yes I still have one of those) removed the dust from the needle and this was the first tune I played... The hook just wouldn't go away!! So in an attempt the make it go away I record it myself with a little cat twist.... well, it didn't work - in fact I think I made it worse! Geeze!!

From The Beginning

This is one of my favorite songs from this era. It was natural for the cat to put a cat twist on it... hope you enjoy it.

I Wanna Live

This tune just came out in a practice session and I quickly put this idea in a recording.... sent it to my partner in crime. In the email I sent him I was making a play on the last tune we wrote together - "Better off Dead" and I told him that maybe this one should be called "I Wanna Live" .. well it wasn't long after that that he said I have the lyrics and it's time to record it...

This turned out to be a rocking tune!


I'd Love To Change The World

This was a great political statement 40+ years ago and it still applies today. Ten Years After -- or is it 40 or so...lol

Cover tunes

I have always rejected being a jukebox when playing in public and playing everything note for note to the original recordings..but..some songs like Sultans of Swing has so many signature licks in it that you have to learn it like a monkey but I still tend to change things as I feel them. I will say this about playing cover tunes...you need to play them to help define yourself as a musician...you can hear a big mix of influences in my playing but you can tell that it is somehow different.

I have also mixed in many originals as to not lose myself completely.. :-)


Why Cats...

I have played in many jazz bands being a saxophone player and we have always called each other cats. But the main reason I chose the cat persona was after a few recordings with the tone that I have on the guitar I soon came to realize that some of my guitar work sounded like a cat to me.

I also teach guitar at a private music school..and everyone wants to play the guitar! there are so many guitar players it is just mind blowing...so -- I am "Just Another Cat With A Guitar" .... :-)