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Q Tha Maggs mission statement

One day, an Industry executive from Legend Quest Studios heard a few of Q’s songs and felt the same way about his sound. Legend Quest Studios contacted Q to discuss his dreams, goals and aspirations concerning the music industry. Without hesitation, Q told the exec, “I was given a vision of my future and it is to be the biggest music star of my generation and then to impact the industry and the world being a liaison between what music was and what it will be. I’m supposed to bring a strong, encouraging and entertaining message to the kids of today that will inspire them to greatness in their own lives.” The Legend Quest Studios exec was highly impressed with Q’s vision and having the resources, manpower and experience to take Q and his vision to the next level, Legend Quest Studios decided to strike up a business partnership with Q Tha Magnificent to assist in elevating Q to a position to become truly Magnificent.