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Its been a long winter

First off I wanted to say I am sorry for not keeping up with this blog like I should. Things have been super crazy with the band. We are currently still in the studio working on our debut album. We have set goals and marked dates for future concerts. Keep a look out for our history making Disciples Cross Shows coming up in the St. Louis Areas. We are also really excited for the Valley of Flowers Parade in Florissant. The theam this year for the floats is Childrens Books. The theam we have choicen is The Chronicals of Narnia. Although we are fond of the ice we can't wait to start really heating things up with our upcoming spring and summer shows. From all of us to you, it sure has been a long winter.

Breaking the Ice

Hi guys, Cindy Allen here. It is my honer to present to you the band Unbroken Ice. This is the first blog post for us and I hope that by using this blog we can allow you as fans to keep up with whats going on and have some fun with us along this great journey. So much has happened with the band this past year, its hard to know where to start. We have done Performances for See you at the pole and National Day of Prayer. We have done several street performances and lots of studio work that you can see on Youtube. Our most resent acomplishment howerver was on November 9th we were able to play in the oldest Baptist church in St. Louis for the kick off of our Disciple Cross tour, we were the fist people to ever have an electric guitar be played in that church. You can see clips from that concert on our band page as well as on Youtube. Also you can download the song "Called into the third heaven" witch features Cole Davis on guitar. I am really excited to see where God takes us. I am constantly reminded of the verse John 15:5 where it says " I am the vine you are the branch if a man remains in me and I in him he will bear much fruit without me you can do nothing." As Unbroken Ice plans out the next year's events, we want to keep that verse in mind and know that with out God none of this would be possible for us. In the mean time where just keeping it cool and we hope to keep you updated on events and things that are happening in the studio.