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BOOK REVIEW: "So, You're a Creative Genius... Now What?" by Carl King

Mutants, Magicians, and Madmen, OH MY!!! Of course, you need to read the book to appreciate what a "Magician" is (among other things), in Carl terms. (Suffice to say, whatever the creative field, we ALL should strive to be one.) This book is full of ideas/concepts that will help 1) either reaffirm your chosen creative path and/or 2) help you strip away all the excess b.s. that seems to come with the "creative career" territory--the stuff that often paralyzes people when trying to juggle/stomach the creating/marketing aspects of "art." In Carl King's So, You're a Creative Genius... Now What?, EVERY facet of a career in the creative arts (and its resulting realities) is broken down in meticulous--and often hilarious/entertaining--detail. And not just using "generic/surface" chapter content like "it's all about inspiration," but VERY specific categories. These include (among many others): Creating an environment conducive to creativity (your "spaceship"), taking criticism (good news: no one cares), hero worship (they must become your peers), and shelling out for education (going to "arts school" or not), right down to the realities of freelancing, firing up your marketing brain, dealing with clients, pros/cons of collaboration--even dealing with depression (part of the deal, for many creative types) and physical health issues ("Eat for your body, not your tongue"). These topics (and more) are explored/probed heavily, resulting in maximum "light bulb flashing" moments. It is a truly inspired, perfectly structured read. I actually feel like I've done myself a disservice by only reading this book once. I look forward to reading it again and again; I'll surely pick up new nuggets down the road. (ADDED BONUS: This book also gave me new appreciation for all my Rongway Manglespleen records.) Whether you need help with achieving the level of confidence to say "f*ck it," stick to your guns, and continue doing "your thing," regardless of what any negative external commentary raining down upon you may be, or need some organizational/time management help, due to your "artistic mind" hampering your ability to "get 'er done" (and anything in-between), this book will get both sides of your brain firing, sparking innumerable ideas in the process. Who needs a match, when you have a guy like Carl King? –Dale Turner http://www.amazon.com/Youre-Creative-Genius-Now-What/dp/1932907920