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"Reminiscing You" Listening Party!

"Reminiscing You" the first collaboration between illy of 321 Illy and Ken of Booberken Productions is a smooth, sultry, sexy musical walk down memory lane. The music and the vocals are intertwined so well that as the listener, you become a part of the story.

illy and Booberken Productions invite you to the online listening party for this single release.

Start listening online March 22, 2014 at your leisure. You can listen anytime from March 22-March 25, 2014 by using this link:


No voting, no sign in or sign up required. Please feel free to leave feedback. And please invite your friends. We thank you so much for your ongoing support.

illy and Booberken Productions

Booberken 2013

Hey fans, 2013 has many great things coming down the pike. A website is currently in the works, along with a collaboration with the amazing powerhouse vocalist 321illy. Also working on a couple other projects and some gigs for the new year. So stay tune for a banner year from Booberken Productions.

321illy  (over 5 years ago)

Awesome! So looking forward to it.