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Peace Of Mind

I invite you to practice 5 minutes a day w/me for the next 6 days of sitting quietly. Watch the #peaceofmind unfold. 6 days Until my new song Peace Of Mind Is Out. Until then, let's take some time out*

Welcome to My World:::

I Appreciate You taking the time to listen to my expression here on Reverbnation. I love This service as it's created more fans of my music than I ever could have imagined, plus I've met other great artists I like as well.

I want to share with you why it is that I do what I do.

I sing because It set's me free, I sing because IT let's me be, I sing so that others can See, when it all comes down, I sing for me.. When I express my words,I do it tastefully, For I recognize the power of calling forth reality In the Beginning was the word and IT was With Thee= The Source of All creation aka Vibrational Energy I Am a per-son, a being of sound, and so I am always creating.. First in thought, then the spoken word and from this comes material manifest.. 3D