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Elmoncho's songs featuring in a film directed by Bears Fonte


Synopsis: Unlike the rest of the girls coming to Hollywood with dreams of seeing their name in lights, Carrie Kevin arrives with a single purpose, to protect her cousin Stefy from the dark side of showbiz. A moderately successful pinup model, Stefy uses parties, alcohol, and sex to get ahead like everyone else. But when tabloid sensationalist Evelyn Echo gets a hold of a video tape that could destroy Stefy's career, Carrie has only one choice. To satisfy Evelyn's need for a bigger story, Carrie must become what she hates, a bottom-feeding scene-dweller, and investigate the disappearance of a teenage cyber-lebrity named Jordan Rivers.

Lost in the web of chat rooms, fan forums, and online vlogs, Carrie quickly learns that no one is what they seem in the City of Fallen Angels and it is up to her to unravel the conspiracy before she too becomes its victim.

Director: Bears Fonte Written By: Bears Fonte Producers: Scott Bridges, Richard Ford, Joseph Itaya Cast: Sara ER Fletcher, Travis Brorsen, Leah McKendrick, Christie Burson, and featuring Gabe Jarrett Genre: Internet Crime Thriller