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"...A Letter of (N)tent"

Hello All,

Just giving you an update on the progress of our upcoming full length album titled "...A Letter of (N)tent". We are looking to release this album by the first quarter of 2013 as long as we survive the end of the world. This album has been years and years in the making and has lost and found new elements with the arrivals and departures of members. I assure you all this is the final incarnation of (N)ception and we are here to stay this album will solidify that! We will be putting update on our albums progress through out the whole process and you are invited to join us on this journey We have begun our own pre production at the band house and below is a very short video of Juice starting the recording process of the pre production of this album!

Thank you, the person who is reading this and showing support to us, we appreciate you more than you will ever know and we hope that you will help us spread the word because we will continue to bring it!

"Spread the (N)fection Join the (N)ception"


Here is the video that I mentioned above. Enjoy!