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Unfortunately our drummer (Mark Spreadbury) lost his mother over the weekend and the gig on wed 2nd may unfortunately has to be cancelled untill further notice, we are all very saddened to hear the news and our hearts and thoughts go ,out to Mark and his family.

In Tribute To Levon Helm

Dear All, Sadly Levon Helm (The Band) is in the last legs of a long battle with cancer and may not be with us for very much longer. On Wednesday the 2nd of May "Wicked Sons Southern Rock Review Band" will be performing in tribute to Levon Helm and his music in support of macmillan nurses. We invite you to come along a enjoy a spirited celebration of the man’s music and raise some money, if anyone wishes to perform an acoustic number inspired by Levon or any of the songs he has recorded over the years please contact Daniel from "Wicked Sons" on 07599 083 393


We are just finalising a date to perform at The Camel Pub, Sugar Loaf Walk, Bethnal Green in East London. It will be an acoustic performance of mostly covers and should a good opportunity to raise our profile for some cool people at one of the best Pubs in East London, Stay Tuned!

Thank Ye Fans!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all our newly acquired fans, we are flattered I'm sure. Apologies for the lack of original material at the moment, going into the studio in the next three weeks and will have some quality originals then, the stuff we've posted is from a boozy off-the cuff gig in deepest, darkest Essex; not us at our best by any means but gives you a good idea of our vibe, hope you enjoy it. Don't be a stranger Y'all!

Music has arrived

Finally posted some songs from our acoustic gig in Bishops Stortford, all covers but worth checking out!


We are in the process of collating vidz and music to upload, this will be happening very,very soon so stick with us