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Jeff German Delivers Knockout With "12 Rounds"


Jeff German delivers knockout with "12 Rounds"

March 18, 2014 (Madison WI) – Ohio based singer/songwriter Jeff German releases his debut effort, “12 Rounds” March 18th on Madison, WI-based Slothtrop Records. The LP takes an eclectic mix of musical styles - country, punk, arena rock, bluegrass, gospel - and pummels them into a blue collar brand of Americana all his own. “I never set out to write a certain type of song. The songs usually strangle me until I get them right,” says German. If that's true, then12 Rounds, is evidence that German has had many close calls at the hands of his own songs. While German may be new to many as a solo act, he is a veteran musician. He was a member of quintessential Ohio band The Cur Dogs and works often as a studio musician in the Midwest and as a supporting musician for numerous acts such as Bloodshot Record’s Lydia Loveless. Though the album is straight-up “blue collar rock,” it is built on a variety of influences. This diversity is in part thanks to German’s older brother, whose collection inspired the musician throughout his formative years. Jeff German grew up listening to his older brother’s record collection: Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Stones, Faces eventually morphed into The Clash, The Damned, The Jam and then into Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. In addition to drawing on a wide berth of musical influences, German has been enriched by a wealth of life experience. With his trademark humility, German says, “I am the son of a strong union electrician. I am a husband, a father and a grandfather. I am a 50- year-old man who, after taxiing teenagers around and coaching high school hockey, has a few hours left in a day to cobble together some songs and some tunes.”

Ten of these tunes comprise 12 Rounds. “12 Rounds was nothing like I thought it would be. I was going for a ‘five guys in a room playing’ type of feel and wound up with a full on Midwest Rocker. No complaints but that’s the truth,” says German of the new record. And rock it does, from the album opener and lead single “Sit and Think” on. That track’s chorus finds German singing “This town needs a bar ‘cause I need a drink,” over a building drumbeat. “This is a song that was inspired by characters in books I read that just come at me and won’t leave me alone. Good guys stuck doing wrong things and not knowing how to stop the cycle,” German says of the single, which will be available in a special 200 piece vinyl limited edition with original artwork. Other standout tracks include “Kro-Bide,” a triumphant working-class anthem with a winning guitar solo. On “Long Road to Nowhere,” German intones a tribute to radio with impeccably timed delivery. The imagery that dapples German’s lyrics—bars, sweat, and radio stations on long drives—might be familiar in Americana music, but it’s exciting and new to hear someone pull off music, vocals, and lyrics all with equal, outstanding panache.

12 Rounds will be released March 18, 2014 with the first pressing receiving a special 200 piece Limited Edition vinyl edition featuring hand numbered original artwork. More info about 12 Rounds and Jeff German is available at the band’s website, http://www.jgblanketyblanks.com/ or via their record label, http://www.slothtroprecords.com


It's Record Release Day!

12 Rounds is now available as part of Slothtrop Records releases. It includes a bonus track not on the other releases. You can get yours at http://www.slothtrop.com/cd_12rounds.html

Slothtrop Music Signs Ohio based Jeff German to 3 album deal

Slothtrop Music is proud to announce their recent signing of Ohio based Blue-Collar Rocker Jeff German. Mr. German was introduced to Slothtrop through the Sonicbids website.

“We are excited to have a songwriter of Jeff German’s caliber on our label”, said Slothtrop Music president Eric Hester, “he represents everything we love about music- great songwriting, exceptional musicianship, and a solid work ethic.”

Jeff German grew up listening to his older brother’s record collection: Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Stones, Faces eventually morphed into The Clash, The Damned, The Jam and then into Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. His entire musical pursuit strongly tied to that collection and his southern Michigan roots. “I am the son of a strong union electrician.” says German, “I am a husband, a father and a grandfather. I am a 50- year-old man who, after taxiing teenagers around and coaching High-School Hockey, has a few hours left in a day to cobble together some songs and some tunes.” These influences shine in his amazing musicianship and add depth and sincerity to his songwriting…..all three are qualities much overlooked in todays music scene.

Mr German is the latest artist signed to Slothtrop through their Sonicbids submission system. This system allows Slothtrop to find bands interested in being on their roster with a Sonicbids electronic press kit (EPK). The system is hosted at Sonicbids.com.

“Sonicbids has saved us from storing a ton of paper press kits and CD’s,” says Hester, “it has also allowed us to find some truly great artists we are excited to know and work with.”

Jeff German will re-release his debut album “12 Rounds” for Slothtrop on March 18, 2014 with the first single “Sit and Think” receiving a special Limited Edition vinyl pressing featuring hand numbered original artwork.

For more information on Jeff German, visit: reverbnation.com/jeffgerman sonicbids.com/band/jeff-german-the-blankety-blanks jgblanketyblanks.com Madison, WI, January 7, 2014-

12 Rounds With Myself

The Blankety Blanks have resurfaced.

It seems after a year of really awesome sideman jobs (Lydia Loveless, Slim White, Ashleigh Kingsmore), I am going to take some time to regroup with the Blankety Blanks. Born from a couple of show offers and conversations with some of the guys, it seems the time is right. Truth is I have a bunch of songs and miss hanging with these guys so I thought, why not? I am much more comfortable playing lead guitar in the shadows, but I could get used to this front man thing.

Additionally, I had a couple of long conversations with my friends Todd May and Matthew Hoover who encouraged me to do it. So I figured I might as well.

So The Blankety Blanks and I will be recording our first record in a few weeks with intention of releasing the record closer to the fall. We will have some available for sale stage side, but the real release date will be late summer/early fall. I am looking for some regional labels to help with distribution and such, and surprisingly, the search is going well. Seems these labels like these songs a bunch and that always helps. The new record will include 7 new songs and three remastered songs from the Cur Dogs "Chasing Tales" record of 2010.

We are also hitting the road in July to get the band in the clubs. Our current lineup is (Curdogs) Graig Barnett on Guitar, (Oolong Guru's/Faces for Radio) Bradley Williams on Bass and Mando and new comer Brian Mincks on Drums and of course Your's truly on lead guitar. We take off in July for a few dates in the South.

We hope you come out and check us out. It's always a good time and the music is respectable.


Jeff German

Sit and Think

Well, here are the happenings. It seems as though I will have a very well renowned Americana icon producing four songs on the Blankety Blanks new record, which I actually should begin recording this week....(long story, don't ask). In the meantime, we have been working hard at getting the arrangements "show" ready.

I have been turning out a song a week lately....So I may need to record two new records. I have really enjoyed the process working with my mates hashing out the details of the arrangements. Hats off to Scotty, Graig and Gary for the killer input. We have some rehearsal recordings....If I get the stones to put them on here...I don't want to hear about how crappy they are....

New show in June at Woodlands...Happy Hour. Perfect for an old guy like me.

Back at you soon

JG and the BBs.

Long Road to Nowhere

So after saying goodbye to the Cur Dogs and especially to my friend and Cur Dog front-man Tal Lohr it is time to get back in the saddle. The abrupt ending left some tears in the cloth, but all is back together now.

The new squad is essentially The Cur Dogs sans Tal, Scott Geyer on Drums, Graig Barnett on guitar, Number eight Cur Dog Bass Player-Gary Gaal and me. A Motley Crew to be sure, but we can rock the snot out of you.

I hope to finish recording by mid-April and have my new record out by late Spring/early Summer depending on how long Mastering takes.

We have some great gigs on our schedule so be sure to check them out.

Thats it for now, but soon, you won't be able to shut me up.