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Its crazy how the system is mad at me tryin to keep me in segregation bcuz I'm tryin to get my homies on some other stuff. Trying to teach my people to be owners of our own businesses, leaders in our community, men and women to break the cycle of drugs and poverty. They are mad cuz that's exactly how they want us -broke, dumb, and seperated-

not 100%

The good guy is never 100% good and the bad guy is never 100% bad

Dont get Discouraged... Only you can make it happen...

People Too Weak To Follow Their Own Dreams, Will Always Find a Way To Discourage Yours


My little homie told me he wants to come to prison so he can get his respect and be a man... I told him like i tell all my homies "if u want to be a real man and earn real respect than do something better with your life so you wont ever have to see this place."


Trapped/ like tears in a dolls eyes/ uncried am I/ Untied/ like the puppet that can't dance/ Just sorta sittin' here/ just sorta watchin' life pass by/ You know/ Kinda like you/ kinda like me/ we're never meant to be/ More than a dream/ but a dream was never meant to be more than living/ But who's living anyways?/ Ain't we all just dying?/ Ain't we all just tryin' to be heard?/ So we scream/ even though no one can hear us/ 'Cause it's all just riddles and rhymes/ all hush little babies don't you cries/ Locked inside/ who's around to hear anyway?/ But if the only way I can see you, is to close my eyes/ let them think I'm dead...

Alfonse Capone
Alfonse Capone  (over 4 years ago)