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STRIKING got their start in 1999-2000, when Xico (drums), Maruf (guiter) decided to start a band together. They recruited guiterist Nirban (Dark) and singer Monir.Nirban left and was replaced by Zaman and Nipun (Bass) joined with them.After few years Shamim (keyboard) started playing with Striking and they worked together 2000-2008.They released six mixed albums and a solo album (Shurjo Dibosh) in 2008. In a surprising turn of events, co-founding drummer Xico left Striking in 2009. After several top-flight drummers auditioned for the gig, D-illumination drummer Mithu was named Xico's replacement and he also replaced with the drummer Anik.The band was officially closed 2 years for lack of drummer and vocal.In 2011 Xico and Maruf once again started the band and made some line-up changes in Striking. Current Band Members- Xico- Drums Maruf- Guiter Zaman- Guiter Raajue- Bass Imroz- Keyboard Booking Agent Liaquat Hossain Shumon - +8801975070208 & +8801674495770