LAST TRAIN CD for 2017

LAST TRAIN CD is almost complete ! Started recording July 5TH and here it is already October 10TH. 2 tunes are collaborations with Kim Renner and Jim Wolpert. CD jacket photo courtesy of Bretorious. Bret Robinson. "Cup O' Tea" photo by my daughter, Gabby. a few titles: Leaves / Cup O' Tea / When It Rains ( ukulele tune ) / Bells and Whistles / Last Train / Dear One / Follow Through / For a Friend / Will be posting tunes shortly ...

2015 . . on to 2016

Hope you had a good Christmas and BREEZE would like to send out a Happy New Year shout to all and wishing the best to everyone in 2016. Mike and Steph

our 2015 CD

Breeze is well on its way with our next offering. Steph and Mike have several new original tunes in the works along with 2 covers. We love 2 part harmonies and are writing and selecting songs with that aim in mind. While targeting the Fall for a release, we won't rush it. Stay tuned for more updates and music uploads. Thanks to everyone for their kind support. Musically yours, BREEZE

Beautiful Day CD

all CD mailings tomorrow, 9-30-14. :-)

"Beautiful Day" Breeze CD for 2014

22 song track list completed; artwork and liner notes selected. Nearly ready to burn/print our "Beautiful Day" CD. One new video currently being edited for a tune from this CD to post soon. A fun and productive year! Mike and Steph.

2014 CD

Only two songs left to complete for our upcoming (as yet untitled) 2014 CD. All originals with a Christmas cover tune. Mike and Steph

2014 tunes

working several new tunes, a few are complete and will be posted soon...

Solo Album(s) Update

9-3-13 Our solo albums are nearing completion. Stephanie’s album has Mike sitting in with her for a Dylan cover on “I Shall Be Released”. Mike’s album has Stephanie appearing on two of Mikes’original songs “River of Change” and “Weather Channel Rain”. A new tune to be uploaded on Reverbnation this week. Fun, fun, fun!!!

New solo CDs

A musical note from BREEZE

Due to the sheer number of new songs Stephanie and I have completed together and individually this year, we (BREEZE) have each decided to release a solo album for the calendar year 2013. Both solo CD’s will be completed soon. Very few songs from the solo CDs are posted now on ReverbNation. We have about 20 + new tunes between us and will be uploading selected ones in the coming months. A big “Thank You” to everyone for all the words of encouragement and support for our musical adventures. We do appreciate your remarks and “likes”. Mike and Steph (BREEZE)


A new BREEZE 2013 resolution:

We have been busy composing several new original tunes for our next CD, and have decided to release and upload to ReverbNation as we complete them. An occasional tune from our older CD’s might be posted along the way this year also. (and more?) Maybe even a video…who knows? We’re still having fun! We love and appreciate all our fans on FaceBook, ReverbNation and Myspace. Thanks for listening. Stay tuned…

Happy New Year! BREEZE (Mike and Steph)