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WEC covers Agent Orange's "Living in Darkness" album 10/26 @ Yucca

Because our entire life is a dark room. One. Big. Dark. Room.

WEC's bringing the Jello!!

So funny story, there's this dude named Jello Biafra who apparently hand-picked West End Crooks to open for his new band and our illustrious friends The Father Figures next month at Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale. I'm not sure we could think of a better way to introduce our new bass player, and Danny's older brother, Josh Abromovitz into the Crooks' family. Our therapy over the past several months has consisted of many practices breaking Josh in, and he hasn't skipped a single beat. Danny's shoes are certainly not easy ones to fill, and we're convinced there isn't a soul on the planet who is better equipped for the job than Josh. He has proved that over and over at every practice, and we can't wait to unleash him at this amazing show. We also want to welcome our boy Sturgis Waters back into the fray giving us twice as much power in the rhythm guitar department. We'll keep everyone posted for any further details, but for now, mark those calendars for Sunday 4/21, because West End Crooks are back and we're bringing the Jello!!

33 Years Young

Happy birthday to our Danny boy. The whiskey glasses will be flying tonight in celebration of your young and beautiful life.

Collections - 2001-2012 (free discography dl)

In celebration of Danny’s life, the unforgettable talent he gave to the world, and all of the good times and memories that will live in our hearts forever, we offer our complete collection for free with a few extra bonus tracks for your enjoyment, and in hopes you will share our music with the rest of your friends.

Danny Abromovitz 1/25/80 -7/17/12

West End Crooks Collections - 2001-2012 http://goo.gl/qdXVO

West End Crooks
West End Crooks  (about 5 years ago)

We wanted to remind everyone that this is a free album, and you aren't encouraged to pay anything for it. If there are any donations that happen to slip by (thank you to the altruistic souls out there) we vow that all donations coming in from this album will be donated directly to the Arizona Humane Society (www.azhumane.org), per Danny's wishes.

R.I.P. Danny American

It's never something easy to say, and It's with a heavy heart we must make this post. On the morning of Tuesday, July 17th, our dear friend, and insanely talented bass player, Danny Abromovitz, passed away in his sleep as peaceful as anyone could possibly hope for someone as incredible as him. We lost an amazing person and a great friend, and simple words just don't seem to help at this stage. Please keep Danny's family in your thoughts and prayers.

Danny Isaac Abromovitz January 25, 1980 - July 17, 2012

4/20 surprises

You should probably grab all of your friends and hit up Conspire tonight downtown. Just sayin.. http://www.azpunk.com/calendar/detail/3318