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New Songs

Hope I don't loose any of you as fans. It may take me a minute to release new songs as my computer hard drive has filled completely up and I need to relocate some files in order to keep recording new songs. Yikes!


I think that I have recorded enough demos now to release an album. I am going to take all my best songs and fine tune them into an album or 2 this year.

Slop in my songs

I must apologize for some of the sloppyines of some of my melodies. The reason for this is for the most part everything that you have been hearing are first takes on pretty much every instrument. Very little if any pre-recording rehearsal takes place before anything is recorded here

My recording style

Most if not all of my recordings are basically just jams that I throw off with myself. None of my songs have any pre-thought before they are committed to recording.

Upcomming material

I realize a lot of my songs are in the rough stage. I have so many ideas that I tend to rush through recording a lot. Most of what you have heard are first or second run through's on each instrument. In the future I'll try to spend more time on each song so I can release them as legit songs instead of demo's.

Work Load

I have SSSSOOOOOOOO many songs to finish!!!!!!!


Well here it is 2015. Not even an hour into the new year and I already have a new song.

Where I've been

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a few weeks. I ran out of time on my account. I have about 4 hours filled up. I have tons more original material to release but don't like releasing songs without vocals.I'll have to delete a few songs and start rotating old and new songs.

What I did today

I worked on several tunes and posted some finished ones from last year.

New Blog

Since I am new at this I do not know what to write.