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Karma (Joss Stone Cover)

My final project in my Electronic Music Studio class was to create a 3 minute (minimum) MIDI project. So I did a cover of Joss Stone's Karma. Enjoy :-)

New Song

I've written quite a few partial songs. Nothing I'm really fond of.... except "Take me there." I'm not very comfortable posting this, but I really like it. I found the beat on you tube and I thought about my husband, who I don't see very often. He's stationed on the east coast and I'm stationed on the west, but when we get to see eachother it's like fire. This beat was produced by DA and is titled "slow it down." I would really love to hear what you think about it.


So writing original material is a lot harder than I remember. So far all I have are several chorus ideas. The only original song I have completed is not mine entirely. I think the only reason I was able to complete that one is becasue I had someone to bounce ideas off of. I would appreciate any advice sent my way.