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TheRed 1

EDR1, AKA -Erk Da Red 1, is hands down one of the best to ever do it! He's been making music underground for over 15yrs, and still never fails to amaze his listeners. From "Street Life to da Beach Life", he says (with a smile) when asked about his aim and/or goals in the music industry. He jokingly speaks about the harsh reallity of being raised in, and still living in a somewhat heartless environment. "This is all I know", he says, (with an, I dont know shoulder shrug), and a blank/stoic expression on his face. "I do this music thang for the sole purpose of relating. Cause through the good and the bad, from saddened thoughts to feeling glad-all we missed no longer exists therefore I focus on the future and leave the past where it's at." he says while explaining his outlook on life. '' I can only speak about what i've been through, or still witness daily, which just happens to be the same thang or similar to what our youth nowadays experience." 'Its hard to move forward when ya steadily lookin back'. He expresses in hopes that the words will reach atleast one. Even though he speaks about money,guns drugs, poverty and violence with almost every breath, In the end it is his own way to express and share knowledge of a life thats supposedly "only what we make it", as well as venting emotion and frustration. "As long as I survive and make it through the night i'll always have something more to speak about.Right or Wrong its always REAL!", he comments as our coversation comes to a close.With so much to take in and analyse in such a short period of time, he himself proudly admits to wondering about whats coming next??? I guess all we can expect is to wait and listen. One of the realest artists to ever touch the mic, so for sure keep your ears open as we go on this journey of life experiences together. Never alone!!