Here it is 3 years taking this game seriously, but how seriously can one take it? IT'S JUST A GAME!1 But ohh, what a game it is! I see artists, producers, moguls, promoters, models, etc. come and go. Hot today, lost tomorrow. At some point, in my opinion, you must take a break and soak in real life. The game has gotten so plastic and robotic that portraying all of the extra you never were before can get exhausting. If you know you were not involved in that which you speak of say so! No one likes a liar and the game is full of liars. The game is full of perpetrators looking to get ahead off of an image instead of letting their true image get them ahead. I know I don't have a serious blog following now haha, but one thing is for sure... In this game of swag emcees and cannibalistic gangsta rappers, i won't get lost in The SHUFFLE. - CKT Slick


I'm in a city where the artists, dj's, promoters, club owners, and even graphic arts geeks are HIGHLY competitive!! Even the erotic dancers have a go at it from time to time . I mention that to say this, we shouldn't be so competitive in this community of the arts. We all have organic creativity that we can share which will allow us to create arts beyond measure of the mind. Blending personalties with a passion for artistic endeavors could create an environment that revolutionizes the way we live! Post your comments and let's get it crackin'! -CKT SLICK

What Happened To Artistry in Music?

I just feel the need to take time out to let people know that Hip Hop Is Not, nor Will EVER Be #DEAD!! The Industry, however is dying by the 3s every 6 months it seems. Deaths can be explainable at times and Deaths can be a mystery as well. I enjoy making music because the words come from my soul when I hear the rhythms come from the speakers. Something inside of me #CREATES just as the Creator created you and I, I create words that explain, paint, illustrate, justify, stand up to, and design portraits for your mind to interpret as you wish. This is what I mean by Artistry In Music. #AIM for better. -CKT SLICK