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The Booze Hounds have been around for a while. Since 2004 actually. After eight and a half years, with a name like The Booze Hounds, sometimes your reputation can preceed you. Sometimes this is good, but sometimes it sucks. As 2012 unfolds, a new chapter has begun for the old band, with the bad reputation. The first big change is a new member joining the band. After eight months of regularly sitting in at shows, Bozeman native, Cactus Records employee, fiddle player extraordinaire, Chelsea Hunt officially became a Booze Hound shortly after the Cactus Record benefit on May 17, at the Zebra Lounge. That evening the Booze Hounds and Chelsea played a scorching, albeit early set, and apparently there was no going back for the band after a performance like that. By the next night’s show Chelsea was in. The next big item on the plate of the Hounds is the new studio album. Recorded in one weekend in April at Weasel Studios in Bozeman, the album entitled Burn The Wagon consists of ten songs, eight of which are new songs written by, or for the band. They also recorded two covers for the album, one of which is a Tex Tucker original entitled Mona Montana, which has been played at almost every show since Tex’s passing in 2011. The next big thing on the bands horizon is a Live DVD filming & CD Release Party, both scheduled to coincide at the one and only Cat’s Paw, on Saturday, June 23. A full video production company will be in the bar filming the show for a DVD which is scheduled for release in late 2012, immediately before the band leaves for a two week tour to Chicago, IL. with stops along the way and back. The trip to Chicago is by invitation to attend and perform at the retirement for the legendary James Cotton Band. So far, things are shaping up for 2012 to be the best year for The Booze Hounds in a long while. After eight years of hard work and determination, the little band with the bad reputation has come full circle, and once again on track for success. Don’t miss you chance to have one of the regions top bands preform in your Bar or at your next Event. Like all good things, Old Time Quality, Montana Rebel Grass, Rock and Roll takes time to perfect. The Booze Hounds - Get Some

Butte America and the Pour House

The Silver Dollar in Butte, Friday April 6 The Pour House in Bozeman, Saturday April 7

this weekend

Booze Hound Weekend Schedule: Thursday - Filling Station CI-110 show w/ TFTGT, TCB, Jamelution, Mustache Bandits FRI & SAT - The Cats Paw

St Patrick's Day afterparty

If you are driving to BUtte to see the Parade, get yourself a room at The Sacajawea Hotel and stay in three forks with the Booze Hounds that night. It is going to be a wild party!

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