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Things we've been doing!

Time to write about what we love writing about...Ourselves! We're finally putting the finishing touces on the album and I do mean FINISHING. The whole thing is mixed and mastered and awaiting a fitting design and then it's off to the presses. The album is called simplified and civilized and will feature ten wonderfully creepy crawly rock and roll tunes. Once we get it back from the presses we'll book a release show and start getting out of town a bit. Check our shows often and we'll hopefully see your smiling face somewhere other than on your facebook page. 3 lungs

The Afterlife and the Food Chain

So the idea is that after you die your soul, or whatever it is aside from our basic plumbing that makes us who we are, gets absorbed into some huge collective consiousness and a piece of that gets pulled out and used to make some new creature when the time comes. Maybe you we're a good guy the last time around so you'll get rewarded with a nice relaxing life as a sea cucumber. So here's the other idea. When you eat something you absorb its' life long collection of knowledge and good chunk of its....uh....essence or something. You know, the village eats its elders and stuff like that. So I was thinking, while considering my lack of a solid belief system, that I would just combine the two. Maybe when someone dies they get eaten by worms and those worms take a piece of that persons collected knowledge and soul and pass it on to the birds who eat them who then pass it on to the cat who eats them and so on until it gets to the life form highest on the food chain and ends up back in the ground. So you may go centuries just kicking around on the planet as any number of various critters just getting eaten over and over again. With any luck you'll end up feeding some grass which feeds a cow who feeds the next president of which ever world power is on top at any given time. Of course, if you're eaten my multiple worms and maybe a few maggots and maybe you feed the grass a little bit too there is a pretty good chance that there are multiple yous running around at any given time. In fact....we're probably all just different pieces of the same person. You know, the first one who died long ago. It's pretty likely that mutiple sould inhabit the same body at any given time but all of those little pieces of soul you get from eating your burgers and chicken strips are really just broken up chunks from the same ball of energy. It's kind of like that movie slither. You know, the being is connected to all of its little slug parasites it sends out to inhabit different bodies and as it inhabits more and more bodies it gains more and more knowledge of the universe. Of course those parasites are extremelly violent and tend to destroy the host. Our soul parasites seem to have a pretty positive effect on each of us. I will from now on only eat the meat of cows who have grazed near the graves of great men.

The Electric Lungs
The Electric Lungs  (about 4 years ago)

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