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This last year has been great! I have met and connected with so many amazing people in the music scene not to mention some unforgettable moments. This last year other than a few select performances i.e. fundraisers, festivals, etc. I have been focusing mainly on the studio. Welp, now I am coming back out and with a bang. The boys and I will be performing at some select venues and events and we will be looking forward to it! See you soon!

Here we go!

Up next- Libby Blues Fest August 11th- also - rumors of an album are swirling in the air . . . . ;)

Craggy Range Friday May 4th 10PM

I don't know bout you all~ . . . . but I am ready to shake my booty! Up next, one week from today- Craggy Range- Funk, Soul, Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, and one heck of a good time! Come one, Come all and let her rip!

Jammin and Bookin Gigs

Up next- The Great Northern Bar and Grill, March 23rd. After that- Crush Wine Bar, April 5th. - - - - and many more to follow.. . . We will keep you updated.