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Colorado Solo Artist Awards

Hey folks! It was so much fun playing the nice big stage at the Oriental Theatre a couple weeks ago! And since I haven't "won" anything since 8th grade, it also was fun to win :) I go on to the finals on Dec. 8th, same place same time. (Slightly different time, I just wanted to say that.) So if you can make it, come on out and vote for me! It's nice to step into the Denver music world - there are so many fun venues here to check out.....See you soon!

Sending CD's to Radio - fingers crossed!

Hi friends! The step I am currently working on is mass mailing my albums out to various radio stations across the country. The first day I went to the Boulder post office to mail my first batch, I serendipitously met another well known songwriter who was standing in front of me in line, with his own box of CD's he was mailing out for radio airplay. How perfectly synchronistic! We got to talking, he shared some ideas with me, and we may play a gig or two together in the future. Yesterday I sent out my second batch of CD's, and I am excited to see what results unravel from taking these actions. I am looking forward to my upcoming shows this May - On the 3rd I will play at Bogey's Eatery and Spirits in Boulder/Gunbarrel, and on the 18th I play at Avogadro's in Fort Collins. Hope to see you at one of the shows. If you know of any radio stations, online or otherwise that may enjoy my kind of music, please pass the info along my way! Thanks and see you soon :)

The album is Here!!!!

Just received my boxes of CD's!!! 300 to be exact. They are available to purchase when you run into me on the street, or when you come to my CD release show on 8/26/12 at "Shine" in Boulder, CO! Otherwise, stay tuned, and I will let you know as soon as the album is available for online purchase. Thank you everyone!!

CD Release!

Well finally the date is booked for the long awaited CD Release Show and Party - August 26th in Boulder, CO at Shine - Restaurant and Gathering Place. It's a cute, hip restaurant, all natural and organic food, really yummy menu. In the back they have a separate performance space that is a great place for my show! Looking forward to it! All that is left in getting my shipment of CD's is filling out the paperwork and sending in to the company I am using in Fort Collins. It has taken major perserverance to finish this thing - So many steps with the graphic designer, with choices and revisions...So many steps to book the venue and get the dates right with my producer and drummer....still working on a bassist! It is going to be a really fun show. Can't wait to hold the completed CD in my hands! Keep watch for upcoming radio shows on KGNU 88.5 and more. I will be promoting the CD's release as much as possible beforehand. Thank you everyone for reading this blog and supporting what I am doing!


Met with my awesome photographer Rick Cummings, and we finalized the album cover! I have chosen the duplication company I will use, and I think I've found a graphic designer as well, who will help complete the cover. So many steps! Every step I take, there are twelve more. I am learning so much as I go along. I hope to get the final package sent out for duplication in June, and have a release show in Boulder, CO this August. An east coast tour is shaping up for the end of September into October with fabulous singer/songwriter Liz Rogers of Vermont! Will keep you posted...

Keep on keepin' on

Still working towards a release date and show! Being an independent artist takes worlds of self determination and perserverance. Sometimes we just want someone to come along and set up the shows for us, handle the press, etc. But in doing things independently, you have to continuously be focused on the next step, which isn't always easy. But I have to say that with each major step accomplished, I do feel proud of myself for the progress made. With all that said though, I wouldn't be this far without the help of many wonderful people. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for the release date!!

Long Story Short

New album coming soon! Check out some photos from the recent photo shoot and sample a tune from the album. It has been a blast going through this process... It has taken a ton of dedication and perserverance. I've met a lot of great people along the way who have helped with parts of this album's creation...