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Lousy Smarch Weather

March 2013 was a landmark time for Oblio And Arrow, who saw many of its firsts.


Through our partnership with Velvet Vision Media “A small family-run media business aimed at the heart," we were able to join the estimated 100K people that descended on Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest Festival. We couldn’t stay for the whole event but made it down there on Saturday the 16th to play a set at the “Twin Creeks Music Hall.”

Downtown Austin during SX was a madhouse of musicians and music lovers alike. Our first taste of this was an absolute delight, “The Monophonics” (California) brought some warm soul to liven up our spirits after the 17 hour van ride. We then got wind of a reggae house party happening just outside the downtown, so we packed the troops and were blown away by another amazing set from “The Pinstripes” (Cincinnati).

After a whirlwind of traveling, arriving, and being stunned by the talent at the showcases, it was time for our run at a set. This trip was a huge milestone that definitely left us with a lot of notes and plans for the future. We are extremely thankful to our great friends/fans in Austin who came out. They truly made the night special with their presence. We look forward to many more nights in the land of the never-ending summer.

Video -

We are excited to be releasing our first music video recorded live “in session.” Titled, “Muzzleheart,” this track is the single and title track for our upcoming EP which is scheduled to drop in May. The recordings were done in a small corner of our warehouse rehearsal space over the span of about 17 hours.

We will be posting the video as soon as it is released as well as the “Muzzleheart EP.” Stay tuned my friends

Casing Blog

There are a lot of things a band can do to get organized, namely of which would be organizing their gear so that one can easily roll in and out of various venues. Here at O & A we have always taken a D.I.Y. approach to our music, from Matt’s tireless hours spent single handedly writing and recording “Thanks God For Photons”, to our remodeling of a storage room in an old warehouse for our rehearsal space. The D.I.Y. approach has always proven to save us money, and help us grow stronger as a band, by building it ourselves.

So, when we were faced with the task of getting Oblio and Arrow “road ready” we started researching and found that, not only was building our own cases an option, it would cut the cost of casing the gear in half! It started as a pipe dream, but knowing that the ultimate goal was having a custom made set of cases to hit the road with definitely kept the fire burning under this project (and you need all the heat you can get during Chicago winters).

The first step was finding the right websites and tutorial video’s to use, which a great company, “Reliable Hardware”, is nice enough provide at no cost. Here is the first of their 11 videos detailing the process.


You do need to be a bit handy with tools and have access to things like a mitre box, saws all, jigsaw, and a rivet gun/screw driver. All in all, its a lot of measuring and cutting to make the boxes square for the locks/extrusions to fit right, but the brunt of the labor is in the hand work to cut the metal extrusions. We won’t bother explaining the whole process because Reliable Hardware already does a great job of that!

A few tip’s we can offer are,

1. Yes you can do this, but it’s a multiple day (or month) project that takes careful planning and some investment. No one in Oblio had ever fired a rivet gun before this project, and now we are experts. ;-) 2. Take your measurements and check them against commercial products, keeping in mind that a lot of cases are “one size fits a lot” and DIY is all about the custom fit. I added 1.5” of space to each measurement of the amps, leaving about .75” inches for padding on each side. The beauty of using Double Angle Extrusions is that the interior of your case is whatever you cut your boards to, keeps it easy. Leading to my next point... 3. Shop around! There are a handful of websites that sell these products, although we did end up buying the majority of the hardware from Reliable Hardware. The other companies to check out are, Orange Aluminum, they have great prices on double-angle-extrusions, as well as Parts.com, they have some good prices on small corners, handles, and small latches that we used for the pedal board cases (with fast delivery)! 4. Shipping becomes a big expense with the hardware you buy, so the more you can plan ahead, the better. Know EXACTLY how much of everything you need, including rivets/screws, corners, clamps, locks, handles, etc. A lot of these items are much more costly at your local hardware store, and when you’re a few rivets away from finishing a case, they have you hook-line-and-sinker...tis’ better to plan ahead! Many nights were spent with a pad of paper and a calculator just crunching the numbers. 5. In most situations its good to try a piece before you eat the whole thing. As in, first we built the two amp cases, start to finish, before even conceiving the project of casing everything else. The two amp cases, by themselves, were big projects that helped us plan realistically for the rest of the gear. 6. Stenciling and the casing project can be a Band event! It’s a great cause to get around, utilizing the one thing that working musicians seem to have a lot of...free time. hehe.

What a project, glad thats done. Now onto the next!

A December to Remember, 2012.

Well, December is here and we are gearing up for a very exciting New Years! With the help of our friends, Heavy Machine, and Fall Classic, we will be ringing in 2013 at one of our favorite local watering holes, J.T.'S Porch in Lombard. Although Fall has left us in the cold and we are getting deeper into winter, we are busier than ever keeping the Oblio and Arrow fire burning with a ton of fresh ideas, including our upcoming Third Moon event on the infamous Dec. 21st 2012. That's right, Oblio will be spending "the end of the world" at a remote 100 year old farmhouse in Michigan, plugged in, and ready to jam in the apocalypse...or lack there of. Keeping warm by fire light and firing up a generator to power the amps and gear, the plan is to record an improvised set of music akin to our likings at the moment. It will most definitely be a winter solstice* to remember! The motto for this trip, "Great ideas start from great experiences".

K-Nein 12-1-12

*Winter Solstice: The winter solstice is the day when the Earth's Northern Hemisphere is tilted farthest away from the sun resulting in the most indirect rays and a colder climate. Although the solstice is traditionally celebrated on Dec. 21st, the actual peak of tilt may occur on, or around the date.

Summer Triangle now available - Future plans

Hey there Oblio fans! First, we want to thank The Heavy Machine, and everyone who came out to Ellyn's! It was a great show and we had a blast! We were very happy to release the new EP "Summer triangle" and hope to be back at Ellyn's soon in the future. You can download the new EP for FREE (suggested donation) on the merch page.

Oblio is currently working on our next full length album which we hope to release in the spring of 2013.

Be sure to catch Oblio and Arrow at Martyrs' Wednesday, November 21st at 8pm.

tickets may also be purchased here: http://www.martyrslive.com/oblio-arrow Thanks again and we hope to see you at the next show! Peace and love!


New Ep, Progress, and Evolution

Hey there Oblio Fans! Oblio is releasing a new EP that is due out Very Soon! This 3 song EP will feature 2 new, original compositions as well as one previously recorded track. This is also the first recording of the current Oblio lineup! This 3 song taste is a sample of an upcoming album that will be recorded by the group in the months ahead.

As the new lineup of Oblio and Arrow continues to play together, the evolution of the sound has also transpired. There are new and exciting avenues for the band to connect on different levels. Most notably during "it was intoxicating" at the Tonic Room in Chicago there was Great communication between the band. We tried to capture this on the new EP and we are very excited about it and the new album.

Oblio has been working hard for the music and the fans these past few months...Lots of new tunes and new venues. We make it happen but we can't make it happen without YOU! Oblio wants to it's fans and will continue to thrive to rock out and bring it everytime!

Be sure to come out to future Oblio and Arrow Shows!!!


Recently I was fortunate enough to join my good friend and fellow musician K-Nein "Michael John Krieglstein" to Beijing,China for what I would describe as one of the coolest and most important experiences of my life. During our short stay we were blessed to meet countless amounts of amazing people, particularly Jackie Zhang. Within 5 minutes of knowing Jackie, you knew he was one of the most sincere people you were ever going to meet. By day two we were calling him our "manager".

Beijing is such a vibrant city with an energy that is hard to describe, but easy to feel as soon as one plants their feet there. In my all too brief visit, it seems this unique vibe derives from many things, from it's rapid development surrounding and closing in on it's ancient culture to it's warm and inviting youth, ready to devour anything rock 'n' roll; and there is plenty of it.

It's almost reminiscent of the music scene in the United States and certain places throughout Europe in the 1960's where there is a deep divide between generations as Rock 'n' Roll has really only been fully introduced in China within the past 25 years. The older generation may just not "get it" or perhaps maybe is even a little scared of it.This certainly wouldn't be the first time in Rock 'n' Roll's history that occured. The younger generation however, embraces it. On any given night all the "live houses" or venues would be packed full of kids kicking out AC/DC and Guns 'N' Roses tunes from the bottom of their hearts and the top of their lungs. I am proud to say I joined them on many occasions.

I would say that in many ways the "American Dream" is very alive in Beijing. We met dozens of people from all of the world who went with the intention of just "visiting" and now have been there many years. It is beautiful thing to have a beer with any random stranger and hear about where they are in route to chasing their dreams.

As memory fades and words often fail to describe, we were fortunate enough to be able to document much of our journey through a camera lenses. In the coming days Michael Krieglstein and I will be compiling a video of our experience and music performances from the infamous "D22 club" to the "Temple Bar". We will be posting everything as soon as possible. Hopefully it will inspire others to visit this amazing and beautiful place as I know it will not be my last time

Much Love,

- Matthew Kopecky of Oblio And Arrow.

Oblio And Arrow's debut record " Thank God For Photons now available!

Check Out Oblio And Arrow's debut record " Thank God For Photons" now available via Itunes. Check it out here at OblioAndArrow.com

Follow Oblio And Arrow this coming november on facebook as we go to Beijing,China with good friend and fellow Musician Mike Krieglstein "K-Nein" to perform songs off our recently released records "Thank God For Photons" and K-Nein's " Everyday Sounds"

Oblio And Arrow and friend "K-Nein" Travel To China

Novemember 8th through the 23rd follow Matthew Kopecky (Oblio and Arrow) and Mike Krieglstein (K-Nein) to Beijing, China as they get lost in another world and perform songs of their debut albums " Thank God For Photons" by Oblio and Arrow, and K-Nein's "Everyday Sounds" record that came out earlier in 2011.

Stay tuned as it will surely be an experience! Follow us here at OblioAndArrow.com or Oblio And Arrow on Face Book.

-Matthew Kopecky

Album Release! Thank God For Photons

And So it begins..

Oblio And Arrow's debut album "Thank God For Photons"

The record is comprised of sounds ranging from the 'psychedelic', layered with heavy world percussion to 'rock music' with a 'neo-soul' groove or 'pop' that maintains the sincerity and substance of folk, Oblio And Arrow touch on many styles and genres, all while doing what comes best, writing music from the heart that they enjoy.

Oblio And Arrow's "Thank God For Photons" now available via Itunes and Cdbaby or you can listen to selected tracks here 'OblioAndArrow.com or at www.facebook.com/pages/Oblio-and-Arrow

Oblio And Arrow – Thank God For Photons

Oblio And Arrow on new album "Thank God For Photons"

For the past year and a half Matthew Kopecky ( Oblio And Arrow ) has been busy writing,recording and preparing for the release of his first album "Thank God For Photons". These 14 tracks weave in and out of rock,world and experimental sounds very naturally and maintain a strong pop sensibility throughout.

Written,Performed and Recorded By : Matthew Kopecky

Produced By : Matthew Kopecky and Matt Opal

Mixed By : Matt Opal

Mastered By : Matt Schultz

Artwork By : Matthew and Adam Kopecky

Stay tuned for new tracks to be leaked and the official release date for Oblio and Arrow's "Thank God For Photons"