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After All This Time.........

Hey Brothers & Sisters, David here! I am kick starting the first Voodoo Highway Blog with an update on where the band is and where we are headed. But first I think we gotta mention where we have been.

About 4 years ago Sean Leary and I were playing with some other cool cats around Bend but nothing with a solid identity that we felt suited us. So we took off on our own and after a few false starts with different (and sometimes crazy) drummers Sean brought Patrick in and BAM! we had the core of this band.

We played under a couple of names before deciding on Voodoo Highway. We played and wrote and wrote and played.....made at least 2 recordings that were not worthy of release......and played several gigs from small stuff to opening for some national acts.

But then something very cool happened.

This badass chick with pipes of gold came around and sang with us as a favor and a fun jam. Well hells bells if it didn't rock like crazy. Stacie Lynn Johnson is now our Voodoo Queen and let me tell you when you hear and see this lady rock you will be eager to be one of her subjects!

Once Stacie was in place the writing and rehearsing began anew. Now we have a kicking set of sweat drenched, bluesy rock & roll for ya and the next step is lots of stage time and some studio time too. Come check us out when you can and listen to the sample of the newest stuff on the Reverbnation Page.

Peace Love and Voodoo To You!