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New Dates. An interesting thing...

Hi Everyone! We've been taking a brief hiatus to work the new songs, a few of us are enjoying a mini vacay, other's, a 'staycation' and me, working my butt off to get GMO's labeled in Florida with my Gmo Free teams!!! GO Prop. 37!

We've laid some tracks down on our new single. "It's Alright" (a crossover tune, catchy like "Starlite" and "Take My Hand" but a little more rockin'. With our first EP, we wanted to keep it more consistent, and generally like that as a whole, and, of course, we love (our brother from another) Ryan Sambrooks Production, but, we are thinking of having another producer (good friend) of ours work his magic on this song. He's perfect for it and the song's teeny alt-country-ish style --it will be a perfect fit!!I

We're finally recording 'In This Moment' with another friend of mine in the coming weeks, if we can get our schedules aligned!! I can't wait for this, because, he is a totally great human, musician... His studio is amazing (the old instruments are unbelievable, you name it, he's got it!) he has worked with some killer artists, and we seem to totally agree on the direction of the song and I can't wait to see his creative flow on this one!! (we will fill you in very soon on both).

We've been playing a lot of benefits lately. My good friend, Charles, (who, by the way, is always supportive of my causes) from BM Organics recently lost a truck load of goods totaling about 40k. That was bad for his business and the farmer! Thanks to all who could make the fundraiser/dinner --Please come out to his store in Ft. Laud., show him some love and get some great food!! They now have an awesome chef, cafe and juice bar too!

Helping family & friends that's what it's all about. That's why I wrote "Take My Hand". --Speaking of being there...this is important: our next benefit is for our musician friend Aries Steed. On Sun. Oct. 7th. She is having a double Lung transplant. It would be really great if you will come out and support her. She needs to raise a lot of funds to make this happen. Left on Red will be playing too. Details will follow, so I really hope you'll make an extra effort to make this one, cause it's a life-saving cause.

On Oct. 10th, Lisa and I will be on Tap Detroit - Auditory Slam with Dj Plain. He's super cool--and it's been a long time coming!

We are playing our annual World Food Day Weekend "Rally for the Right to Know" Label Gmo's Event. On Oct. 20th at the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood Fl. (12 noon - 3PM) With Vesper Sparrow and some new bands this year! This one is always fun and interesting! You'll learn a lot about GMO's too!

Might be playing FemmeFest on Nov. 2nd and Definitely Playing 5 Points Lounge (the old Monterey Club--totally done up, Mai Kai Style, cool new stage and lounge, come check it out!) on ((I think)) Fri. Nov. 30th with one of our fav. friends/bands, The Holstered.

OKAY! I think i've been rambling!! Happy Week and hope to see you at one of our shows very soon!

Much love, xo Trish

Lisa & Trish solo showcase, new tracks and more!

Thanks for all the new friendships lately, I'll definitely get to listening to your toons soon, thanks for finding us--If we are a fit, let's play a gig when you come to Miami.

Lisa and I had a great time @Chrystal Hartigan Presents at the Broward Center, It's not often that we get to play as acoustic duo - so we loved it!

We played alongside our friends, Vesper Sparrow, Los Diablos and Brett Lowenstern. We also got to see our friend Hunter Altschul perform earlier in the evening - If you haven't heard him yet, check out his toons! Chrystal puts on a great show - songwriters in the round, with total class & style and we'd like to thank her for having us. Here is a vid of us from the show: 'Long to Be' at CHP: http://youtu.be/-Zx6jLS5BSs

Also, very excited...we have our most ROCKING show coming up! Hope you can make it to Kilmo's new place - Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall in Downtown Hollywood, July 13th. Where we will play with The Holstered, Los Diablos, and Black Seal. Will be a big night filled with great beer and tons of great music (four bands for the price of none!) So do come out! RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/316858738388414/

Recently, we were interviewed in Metro Music Mayhem (Thanks, Dave!) http://metromusicmayhem.com/features/june/bluesky.html

-And- On RJS Radio http://metromusicmayhem.com/features/june/bluesky.html (Thanks Randy Steel).

Last, our Bandcamp site is finished and we are now on or completing our MOG, Spotify, Last.FM, Jango, SongCast etc., etc., accounts, so please search us out there and like us too! =)

Oh! I almost forgot! Our new single is coming out this summer! We've layed down a few drum tracks on two new songs!! So, YAY!

As always, I'd like to thank you for purchasing our EP, supporting local music and sharing our music with your friends, it means the world to us.

Please friend us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/BlueSkyDriveBand

Big Hugs, Happy Weekend! xo Trish - BSD.

Our CD Release Party and the latest!

Blue Sky Drive is very excited to 'finally' be having our CD release party with Special Guest, Lavola! It's about time - as we are also starting to record our "new-old" songs and, our "new-new" songs. The very latest of which, I can't wait to finish and bring to you.

I am always amazed at what little time there is to accomplish all that one would like, I mean, between working, activism and their related meetings, family, writing nights, band meet nights, rehearsals and gigs, i am longing for more of a social life and, importantly, that includes seeing more of my friends & 'their' bands-- So, I guess it's time to book more shows together!!

Considering we are a new project and only played out as a full electric band a handful of times, --we've had some great opportunities this year... the very latest is VH1 "Song of the Year" *Again* This time, Honorable Mention for 'Long to Be'. YAY. And, with this, I have a good feeling that something great is around the corner.

We are continuing to write and currently working on more film submissions and are looking forward to our 2nd EP. --Thanks for becoming a friend, purchasing our EP and sharing our songs with your friends - It means a lot to us and helps us to get noticed.

Please come celebrate with us at the Hard Rock Cafe/Hollywood FL. 5.25. 10 PM - Looking forward to seeing you!

Deets: Event - RSVP https://www.facebook.com/BlueSkyDriveBand

Blue Sky Drive: https://www.facebook.com/BlueSkyDriveBand https://www.reverbnation.com/blueskydriveband

Lavola: https://www.facebook.com/iamlavola http://lavola.bandcamp.com/Lavola:

Hard Rock Cafe/Hollywood FL: https://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafehollywoodfl?ref=ts

Much love, Trish, BSD. ♥

Thank You!

We had a great time at Earth Day Celebration - Marando Farms. It was great to see you! (If you missed us, with the rain threat & equipment, we moved inside Tap 42 - BTW, Much Thanks to Tap 42 for housing us last min. ((and, of course, their delish organic beer!)).

Thanks to Chrystal Hartigan for coming out to see us. 'Vesper Sparrow' added a few great, new songs to their set. 'Hunter Altschul' played a Bon Iver tune.. I love both bands as they are incredible super humans and excellent musicians.

We had many informative speakers - Dr. Fishman, Robert Scott Bell, Dr Gonzales, GMO Free Florida, We learned even more about how to take back our health, avoid GMO's, and ironically, testicles...that is, "scientifically speaking" --My apologies to Blaise at Tap 42, & guest's for having to deal with that word at least 4 times. =) Much thanks, to RawOne Foods for their generous donation to my org. GMO Free Florida. What a nice surprise!

On another note ♪ Blue Sky Drive has been offered a few radio interviews to showcase a new song of ours, 'In The Moment', which, we are starting to record at our warehouse/studio this week. I am so excited to bring it to you!

Much love♥ Trish ~BSD

Blue Sky Drive (plus Special Guest) on Earth Day Weekend!

Blue Sky Drive will be playing with Hunter Altschul and Vesper Sparrow on Earth Day Weekend, Sat., 4.21. at Marando Farms (and Tap 42). Event from 10-2PM.

Trish of BSD, will speaking on GMO's. Proceeds will support BCCO for local community gardens and school gardens in Broward Co.

Check out this line-up of speakers, fun and organic food from Whole foods and food trucks and be sure to RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/259622410789272/


Much Gratitude!

We had an awesome day & night of music at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood FL, First, We had a surprise visit at sound check from "Little Steven!" Later in the Eve, Battle of the Bands, we played our hearts out. Congrats to Community Property for the win, and Beer guts and glory for rockin' it!!

Major thanks to all our friends for supporting us and screaming your hearts out -- Because of you, we've had this awesome experience. Without our fans, friends & family this never would of happened.

Special thanks to the Judges, Robyn, Scott, and 'the boys' from the Cafe, for welcoming us into your family, we've loved every min. of it! Shout to Rock Cousteau, Vesper Sparrow, Ana Campos, Marc Goldberg, Stephen Anderson, for the excellent promotion. (Not bad for our 4th show!!! - Right??) We've got new songs to record, and only good things to come! Much ♥, Trish - BSD

"Little Steven" Steven Van Zandt comes to visit!

We had a great sound check today, looking forward to playing for you tonight and seeing all our friends. We were all super surprised to see American musician, songwriter, arranger, record producer, actor, and radio disc jockey "Little Steven" Stevie Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen, (among many other bands) Little Steven's Underground Garage, The Sopranos and Artists United Against Apartheid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SymM-Vhjtak ***(Not only did I get a big hug, but his fragrance was wonderfully tropical! ;-) This made Blue Sky Drive very happy!! See you tonight at the Cafe! 9 PM.

YAY! BSD advances in Battle of the Bands on 3.22.12 Hope you will make it!

Hard Rock Rising 2012 is on!! And, we are thrilled to advance to the Final Local round!! (Much thanks to you!!) Join us at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood FL. You've helped us get here, now come out and cheer us on - Show the judges you want BSD to go all the way!! Gonna be some great, live, local and all original music. Catch us, 'Blue Sky Drive' in the Final Local Battle before global online voting! With 'Beer, Guts and Glory' and 'Community Property' Epic Battle of the Bands for a chance to play with Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park, London Hard Rock Calling! Whoot!

***See you at the Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood, FL. Thurs., March 22 @ 8PM Be sure to RSVP here! https://www.facebook.com/events/250007491758881/

Much ♥, BSD

The time is near!!

Thursday, March 8th, 8PM. Hard Rock Rising - 2012 - Global Battle of the Bands is on - and we can't do it without you!

Come out to the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood FL to Root on Blue Sky Drive in Battle of the Bands with 'Midnight Kahuna' and 'Sevensins'.

Cheer us on and show the judges that you want South Florida's 'Blue Sky Drive' to Qualify for a chance to open for Bruce Springsteen @ Hard Rock Calling!

WE Need YOU! ♥ Thanks!

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/264673350270246/

Lot's of shows...and so much fun!.

We've had a lot of firsts this week. Lisa, Ryan and I performed acoustically on WLRN, "Folk and Acoustic with Michael Stock" (a few comedic moments, a few piscean moments, ((and who crinkled the bottle water?)) but, mostly smooth and I hear the music translated well).

Later our first ever full-band all acoustic set at the Van Dyke Cafe alongside some talented performers, Randy sat in with us on Harmonica. Was a great set.

Up Next, The Poorhouse on 3/3 - no sound man, so it should be loud and rocking, full-band and electric.

Last, and important - Please help us get us to 'Hard Rock Calling' to open for Bruce Springsteen!! Please come out on March 8 to the 'Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe' and cheer us on!! Be there by 8PM.

Thanks for all the support and coming out to our shows, it means a lot to all of us, much love, Blue Sky Drive. ♥