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Pre-Orders for "Singularity Now" available now! Releases October 16th!

Pre-order link for our latest album from 2015 now available! Album releases on October 16th.


"f AI t h" now AVAILABLE!

You can purchase a digital copy or order a physical one directly from us at http://GothicElectric.Bandcamp.com

Organics who order from this site will receive our Marilyn Manson tribute track "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death!" Physical orders receive a complementary digital copy of our demo "Interface to God."

For more info visit www.GothicElectric.com

Check us out at GothicElectric.com!

Virtual Intelligence's official website is at www.GothicElectric.com, check here for studio journals, photos, and more!

Square Peg In A Round Hole Compilation Vol 2

Be sure to check out this new compilation of music featuring "Dissemination Machine" from Vi and other INCREDIBLE artists fighting to make waves in the industry. Seriously, this is a great compilation that shouldn't be missed. Download it for FREE while you can here at:


Final tracklisting for "Interface to God"

The final tracklisting for Vi's forthcoming EP "Interface to God" is as follows. Total playtime is about 28 minutes. Release date is TBD, but what I can say is that it will be within the next month or so.

1. Dissemination Machine 2. Desynth the Maker 3. A Measure of Salvation 4. Razor 5. Projection (instrumental) 6. Veil 7. Gathered on the Wings of an Angel