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New Video uploaded! Driveway Grave

Uploaded an official, or as official as we get, video, Driveway Grave. We got a hold of a movement capturing camera and some footage our friend Rene recorded from a Rudyard Kipling show with Opposable Thumbs. At some point we were hanging outta a mini van with a camera and a scraggle-mop-dog chasing us. I think I may have spilled a beer somewhere. We depicted the story of the song well. It's a story of an unlikely hero-kid who discovers a dusty flesh covered book in a cabin. He then realizes, but almost too late, that the love of his life is his nerdy high school girl pal. Well, I don't want to give it all away.... Check it out linked on our reverbnation or go to youtube, though it's seems hard to find on youtube. Try reverbnation first. -Hoz

Vibrolas get small!

You wanna get small? Yeah, this is a step away from Webkins. But we gotta give our dozen fans what they want!