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Taking the next step in my career and staying closer to the "crib". Ye Haw .No more Truck Bills!!I've been "over the road" for 12 years 'truckin' and 'musican' when I can. This week I turned in my truck and got a company one to run regionally, SC.,NC.G,, FL ect.

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Dear Joseph,

I am failrly new to Sound Cloud. So, as I browsed pages and groups I came across your music. I recently experienced a great loss of relationship with my mother, as I had known it for my entire life. Some terrible things were said and done. Of course I prayed and sought The Lord for guidance and peace. I also reached for the "play button" to listen to the traditional, customary songs that I always play....Nothing touched the place of healing and peace, until I happned upon your music. Tears have not ceased to run down my face....I've lingered here for some time now. At a time when I felt (and am) alone, the beauty of your music occupied a hurtful place. So, I just wanna say thank you and God bless you.

Love, Glenda

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Ed Schief's ,The Truth About Live Playing

Ed Schief via Noteworthy Consulting Something I hope is a little liberating for my friends who play music on church stages. (thesundaymusician.squarespace.com/blog)

Noteworthy - Blog - The Truth About Live Playing thesundaymusician.squarespace.com “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” - James G... Unlike · · Share · 5 hours ago ·

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robynyoulten commented “Coool bass!:)) and your piano is SUPERB!!” on,"I Love U Very Much". on soundcloud

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I looked on sound cloud at a well know jazz artist's profile and noticed he had just over 100 follows. I have over 200 and my music is being played in almost every country in the world. I'd say I'm" "swimin' in a big pond!"