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Reborn into the world of Reverbnation

Seems that musicians, even artists of any nature, when developing their talent they come to a point where they almost second guess or want to rethink the choices they made to pursue the love of their life.

For whatever reason we remain firm and confident in reaching the goals and dreams they have and push through doing whatever it takes to get to that destination...Ive been there and to be honest...I felt it for what seemed like forever but was actually one night while creating a new mash-up...The next day I found that the music I splice together and the new emotion ambiance along with the positive and fulfilling feelings that invade and trumps any doubt at what Im doing to be somewhat questionable...

I was BORN to be an imagineer, a creative guru who revilitalizes and brings a whole new meaning...well, a whole new existence of what may have died and is now reborn. The mashups of multiple genres are complete in my eyes when I fall back in love with a track I loved ten years ago.

On the professional side I Dj for you, not me. I can feel what you want before you do along with your crowd.

I was reborn when I thought I was dead to be the reason you let all your problems and troubles disappear for the night. There is no greater feeling I truly feel when I play that song, that one song you have a connection with and in that moment on the dance floor, there is nothing that can take that feeling away from you. The sense of using a ssort of "musical psychology" in which not a word need be said as the sounds and vibrations that are felt takes you away and for once I will tell you that I am your biggest fan and I am on that stage for you...not for me.

So I will say this and after discovering this site, I feel that my goals and dreams will be right there waiting for me when it happens....Thank you ReverbNation as I feel at home Thanks again. This site is absolutely awesome.