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What is going on......

Hello Life Altered Fans,

First off I want to start by saying I am sorry for taking so long to respond to what is going on with Life Altered.I had music written and recorded,but then came a problem,some of the songs were recorded with other musicians and they did not want to release the album that was recorded and ready for release.It has been a long and hard year for me trying to figure out where to go from here.

I have decided to re-record the album myself and it is taking some time to do this.I want to release new music,after all it's a big part of who I am but I don't want to rush it.I have found if you rush it"meaning me" ,it will turn out like crap and I want to put out a product that is artistic and emotional and romantic.What I am doing now is going to show more of who I am not only as an artist but as a person.A very personal record.I want you the listener to feel the music not just hear it.I should have something new to show all of you next year.

Thank you all for your patience during this hard time! -Dave founder/creator of Life Altered-

New Life Alterd track to be released soon!

Hello Life Altered Fans,

I know I keep saying it,but I am truly am working to bring you all new music.I have the Title of the new album coming out soon as well as one new song until the release date.Writing new music is a timely process but in the end,I truly hope you all will enjoy the new record.Please stay tuned for the release of a new Life Altered track off the new album before it's release.Thank you all for your patience during this long writing process.

Thank you all for your patience.

I am working on new music.It had been a very slow process.I am working on music by myself and it takes time.I hope that I will have new music in the coming months.Thank you all for your patience.


New music coming soon!

Working on new music.I will upload a new song here on Reverbnation as soon as it's complete.Stay tuned for more....

Working on new music!

I know it's been a long time since i have posted a new update.There has been alot of things going on in Rob and I personal lives,but we are working on a record and I will be honest,I do not know when that project will be done. I will however say that I will be releasing new Life Altered music this year most likely during the summer.I love the the summer and I am writing music on my own until Rob is ready to continue working on our project.I hope to have something complete by mid summer.I will never let Life Altered fan's go to long without hearing something for me (Dave Alan) or Rob and I. While Rob is very much still apart of Life Altered,I will be recording and releasing new music until Rob gets ready to continue working on the project I hoped would get done,but I must be honest it will take some time to get that project done. Stay tuned for new music in the next few months.Life Altered is still very much alive and well. ~Dave Alan Life Altered

New Life Altered EP Out Today!

Get it now on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lost-and-found-single-ep-ep/id931166557

New Life Altered Ep Released!

Hello Everyone! I know it's been a long wait but we are still working on the new record.We have decided to release a new single "Lost And Found on a single Ep.The new Ep title is Life Altered "Lost And Found (Single) EP and will be available for download in a week or two from the date of this post.I hope that everyone will have patience with us as we finish the album.We are very thankful to each and everyone of you and your patience as we move forward. God Bless you All! - Life Altered

Life Altered Band Update!

Hello all Life Altered Fans, Robert and I are hard at work on the next album.I know most of you know that it takes time to write and record and master a record,so we appreciate all of your patience as we make this record into a masterpiece. I may release some songs here and there before the record is done or we will release a singe from the record.Robert and I are excited about this project and pray that you all will enjoy and find peace and that somehow our music can help you find hope. Peace,Love and Respect from Dave and Rob


Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking about it alot and since it's taking longer for me to get the new record ready.I will be releasing a Ep called "The Garage Live 1994" in the next month or two to hold you all over until the new record is complete.

Rob Johnny and I are hard at work at writing new songs and recording them and getting the new album ready for release.It will take some time to get this project done.Rob and I are taking our time in order to give you the best recordings.It's not easy,but Rob and I are focused and by the grace of God Rob Johnny studios is fully a pro studio which we both worked our butts off to make this happen.

The new record has no release date at this time but if I was to put a time frame on it "Now this is just a guess" I would say by early winter of 2015 or at the latest summer of 2014.I will be posting updates ever so often so check back for more!

We love you all.Thank you for being a Life Altered fan.I will not let you down.

God Bless - Life Altered

Abum Update!

Life Altered Fans,

I just wanted to give everyone a quick album update.I have been running into some issues in my personal life that has held up recording of the new record.I am still working on the album,it's just taking more time than I though but it's coming along.I don't know when the release date will be,but you all will be the first to know when it gets close.I have been updating gear and software so that I can make the best sounding record I can.

I will keep you all updated as I continue to finsh this record.Thank you all for all your support.

- Life Altered