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How can you become a "fan" when you haven't heard the music?

Hmm, more "fans" have appeared yet my plays remain the same. Some may like having as many fans as possible, however, I'd prefer that you at least listened to one of my songs first! You can be assured that if I'm your fan, I've at least listened to one or more of your songs and actually liked what I've heard. Aloha to my real fans!

Fans VS Listens

Hi Everyone! I've been on RN for about 2 months and have heard so many great songs from some great artists in various genres. For those of you who took the time to actually listen to my stuff and then "Fan" me, I really appreciate it! I listen to every artist before I fan them although it seems that there are so many that just send out blanket Fan-ings in hopes to get fanned back and without even listening to your trax! For instance, I have 108 fans but only 65 plays... Sure it's great to get a lot of fans and it's probably a great marketing tool for an artist as well; "hey Mr. Club Owner/Record Mogul, I got 250,000 "fans" so you gotta hire/sign me"... For me, it is and always will be the music. Sure it be great to make a living doing this and if it ever did happen, that would be cool, but it's not my focal point. I love to create and play and sharing what I've done and am doing gives me a great sense of peace and accomplishment, and if someone out there actually likes it, then I'm doubly blessed! So be advised, if you have me for a fan, I like what your doing and enjoy listening to you and wish you all the success that you deserve! Peace and Happiness to you All... Aloha! John