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Action Habit, which hails from Norfolk, VA, has a garage-punk sound fused with 60's rock sensibility. For three years this foursome has toured the East Coast maintaining a large, diverse fan base. Fans of the Who, the Pixies and Guided by Voices all enjoy Action Habit's intense signature live shows. Varied visual additives heighten these performances; whether they have a local artist's video playing as a back drop or a stripped down show, the emotion and love of the music is undeniable. Fronting the band with vocals and guitar is Anthony Torres, whose intriguing lyrics and precise, powerfully driven guitar style sets the pace for the rest of the band. Providing a delicate balance that complements Torres' guitar style, Gina Dalmas plays guitar and performs back-up vocals. Dave Voightritter's original, melodic bass lines are consistently locked in with Dany Magee's innovative drumming and flourishes. Action Habit delivers true rock experiences, and reminds us what great music is supposed to be all about: the music.