Multi-album deal with Aural Music!

Almost a year and half after releasing our debut cd in the continent of Greece, and while we where working in our studio, we received an email that was about to change everything regarding the future days of our band. Aural Music's CEO Mr Emiliano Lanzoni came in contact with us in order to take things to the next level! Mr Lanzoni believes in us and we really appreciate the way we communicated with each other in the first place but also by the way things have turned out... So we are more than happy and proud to announce that we are now part of Aural Music's family, so we have news for both our old and new supporters! Aural Music is about to re-release our debut album, but this is going to be done properly and with respect to our supporters, with brand new artwork, photos, and a bonus track previously unreleased!!!

Aural Music will re-release our debut album titled "Phase Reverse" in December 2011 worldwide! The new release will have a bonus track ''Tear Down the Walls''. This song was recorded during our first album recordings but wasn't included in the first release because it was never finished. So now we decided to include it in the new worldwide release since the song is already a part of the album.

Commented Aural Music owner/CEO Emiliano Lanzoni: "We are so excited to welcome PHASE REVERSE to the Aural Music family. We have been searching for a new, refreshing, kick-ass rock band for quite some time. PHASE REVERSE fits that bill perfectly "

PHASE REVERSE guitarist/producer John ''Chief'' Stergiou added: "It's amazing to be part of a family who has showed us so much interest and enthusiasm and It's great to be given the opportunity to work with such a reputable label. Hopefully what we're about to create with Aural Music crew will be something a lot of of people can enjoy and go down in history as one of the most badass records of the year."

Stated PHASE REVERSE Vocalist/bassist Tas: "I am very excited to be working side by side with Aural Music. They are very passionate about what they do with a reputation to breaking new talents. The next few months will be very exciting as we gear up for PHASE REVERSE debut release!"

Drummer Alex Alexiou: ''I really appreciate the way Aural Music approached us. With the perspective, professional view, experience and support we now get from everyone at Aural Music, we are able to stay focused in our music and the sky is the limit...!!!"

Phase is with you all...

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